Find the Balance

How much opinion is allowed on critical topics in the sports industry? How extreme can sports and the outdoors be? It's all about finding the balance, so in "Find the balance" we weigh up the arguments or show you how you can pursue your passion in a balanced way.

Find the balance: boycott the 2022 World Cup in Qatar - or not?

The date of the "Advent World Cup" in Qatar, which seems absurd for European habits, is still one of the more harmless aspects of the "FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022" - an event between corruption, human rights violations, and the stadiums as death traps for lawless construction workers. Or is that just the Western, hypercritical view of things? Does the tournament perhaps even offer an opportunity for the people of Qatar and other authoritarian states in the Gulf region? What are the arguments for a boycott - and what are the arguments against?

How much opinion is allowed at the Olympics?

The Olympic Games must be free of any political statement. This attitude, which has seemed set in stone for decades, was softened by the IOC - the International Olympic Committee - shortly before the start of the 2021 Games in Tokyo. A little, at least. Nevertheless, the position remains vague, so that presumably in the future a lot will again depend on the respective whims of the officials then acting. shows you how much opinion is allowed at the Olympics and what problems this attitude harbors.

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