Winter sports
Wintersport Snowboarder und Skifahrer
The winter of 2017/18 exceeded expectations. Winter sports brands are looking optimistically towards the future. However, their long-term strategies vary. Some companies are aligning themselves as year-round brands, while others remain true to their brand essence. Leading brands explain their future strategies on ISPO.com.

Zwischensohle aus dem 3D-Drucker: Mit dem Futurecraft 4D geht Adidas revolutionäre Wege. Bald kann ein passgenauer Schuh innerhalb eines Tages individualisiert hergestellt werden. 
Adidas is leading the way in terms of digitalization. Examples: the Speedfactory and the new Futurecraft 4D. Adidas Executive Board Member Roland Auschel explains in an interview what this means for production and processes.

Adidas' strategic business plan "Creating the new" also addresses the question of how the sporting goods giant and industry as a whole will position themselves in the future.
Roland Auschel says: “The sporting goods industry needs to wake up and face digitalization.” The Adidas Executive Board Member with responsibility for Global Sales explains why showrooms will be a thing of the past soon, how virtual reality is being implemented in B2B, and which retailers are facing existential challenges.

Der Nachhaltigkeits-Experte Steve Richardson will Konsumenten dazu bringen, weniger zu waschen.
Mountains of dirty clothes accumulate especially among athletes. Steve Richardson wants to make consumers wash less. With a study he proves how important this is for climate protection. He also explains how the laundry pile can be reduced.

Hier kommen Printed Electronics in einem T-Shirt zum Einsatz
The trade fair for printed electronics brings one of the most exciting technologies of the future to Munich. Printed electronics, for example in the field of wearables, also have enormous potential for sports brands.

Sports business
Bogner Store
The Munich-based sports fashion company is not getting any peace of mind. Now two board members are leaving. Following the change of CEO and changes in the Supervisory Board, these are the next highest level appointments within less than half a year.