Der NBA-Basketballer Klay Thompson ist Antas Werbegesicht in China.
On their home market in China, Anta Sports is the number three behind Nike and Adidas. The possible acquisition of Amer Sports could lead to the sportswear company, which is mostly unknown in Europe, becoming the worldwide number three. Read the opinion of ISPO experts from Asia here.

ISPO Munich 2019
Departure of a plane.
Shuttle services, baggage drop-off, and special fares make traveling to ISPO Munich by plane convenient and stress-free. 

SAP hat ab September einen neuen Leiter der Sportabteilung.
The sports department of the software giant SAP has a new head: Svend Wittern will take over the position and will in future be responsible for the department, which is responsible for performance data collection and digitalization in the sports business, among other things.

Sports business
Jacqueline Smith-Dubendorfer ist Vice President Digital Partner Commerce bei Adidas.
Adidas is rapidly expanding its e-commerce platforms. Jacqueline Smith-Dubendorfer has been significantly involved in the online offensive as a manager for seven years. In an interview with ISPO.com, she explains how Adidas intends to achieve its high goals in online retail with strategic partnerships.