Terms and Conditions of Participation for the Fortune Cookie Competition

1. Field of application

The following terms and conditions of participation apply to the fortune cookie competition due to promotion of ISPO Beijing and ISPO Shanghai.

The organizer of the competition is the ISPO Beijing and ISPO Shanghai department, Messe München GmbH, Messegelände, 81823 München.


2. Participation

The participation in the competition is voluntary and free of charge. Eligible are only persons, who have a minimum age of 18 years.

Participation is only possible until the specified entry deadline. Closing date is December 31th, 2018.


3. Exclusion from participation

Persons under the age of 18 as well as the legal representatives and employees of Messe München GmbH are not eligible to participate in the competition.

Messe München GmbH is entitled to exclude participants from the competition immediately for good cause. Such reason is given particularly in case of violation of these conditions of participation.


4. Premature termination of the competition

Messe München GmbH reserves the right to cancel or terminate the competition at any time without prior notice and stating reasons. For material reasons, Messe München GmbH makes use of this option, in particular if proper execution of the raffle cannot be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons.


5. Special conditions for competitions

To participate in the competition, for the time being the personal data of the participant is not necessary to be specified.

In the event of a win, the participant is required to contact Shanghai@ispo.com, send a picture of the winning ticket and communicate their contact details to ensure the shipping of the price. Each participant is responsible for the accuracy of his information.
If the contact is made by a winner after the end of the specified entry deadline, Messe München GmbH is entitled to refuse the prize.

One person may only take part in this competition a single time and a multiple redemption of the winning ticket is excluded.
The prize is personal and non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for other products, services or cash. All statements without guarantee.

Jurisdiction of a Court is excluded.


6. Data Privacy

In order to be able to receive the price, it is essential to indicate personal data. The participant assures that his personal information, in particular the name, surname and shipping address, are true and correct.

Messe München GmbH points out that all personal data of the participant will not be passed to third parties without consent, nor will they be left for use.


7. Severability clause
If a provision of this agreement is or becomes legally invalid or if there is any gap that needs to be filled, the validity of the remainder of the agreement shall not be affected thereby. Invalid provisions shall be replaced by common consent with such provisions which come as close as possible to the intended result of the invalid provision. In the event of gaps such provision shall come into force by common consent which comes as close as possible to the intended result of the agreement, should the matter have been considered in advance. Any changes of or amendments to this Agreement must be in writing to become effective.

Good luck and success wishes the team of ISPO Beijing and ISPO Shanghai!

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