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Awardees Spring/Summer 2024

The ISPO Textrends jury selected the most innovative products of each category. Out of these items the Best Product, the Top Ten or Top Five products as well as some additional Selection products were chosen.
ISPO is very pleased to share the awardees for Spring/Summer 2024 with the textile industry.

All Products can be found in the Trendbook, as printed or digital copy. The Trendbook features the most innovative products, provides valuable sourcing contacts and is the ideal working tool for all designers and product managers.

Trendbook Spring/Summer 2024

Purchase your Trendbook, in digital or printed form, for the ISPO Textrends Award Spring/Summer 2024 season. Learn about the next season's trends, get exclusive insight into the selection process, and discover the official winning products of the season.

Printed trendbook price: (179,00€ excl. VAT)
Digital trendbook price: (59,00€ excl. VAT)


Accelerated Eco

Products setting a new standard in terms of sustainability: innovative performance yarns that require reduced heat for settability, heightened efficiency in terms of water and energy savings, a reduction of waste and
reduced or optimized processes throughout the textile chain. E.g. recycled or biodegradable yarns, yarns for long-lasting products, dope-dyed yarns for water and energy saving, natural dyes, etc.


Performing Finishes

Outstanding innovations in terms of finishes: products that are using anti-odor, anti-bacterial or protective finishes for well-being and personal protection. E.g. far infra-red, chromatic change coating, reflective finishes, smart finishes etc.

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