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Gold Winner | Garmin fenix 6X Pro Solar | Smartwatch

ISPO Award Gold Winner Running Garmin fenix 6X Pro Solar Smartwatch

Garmin fenix 6X Pro Solar: Multisport Smartwatch for Outdoor Use

The electronic helper is only as good as the built-in battery. The fenix 6X Pro Solar from Garmin is designed for endurance. The GPS multisport smartwatch with solar charging lens is meant to last 148 hours in expedition mode under ideal conditions in GPS operation. This meas that even adventures lasting several days in remote areas are recorded. With a pre-installed Topo Active Europe map and maps for over 2,000 ski areas, the digital assistant is also suitable for long hikes and extended winter sports adventures. With these endurance qualities, the fenix 6X Pro Solar has secured the Gold Winner in the Accessories category in the Running segment.


Available from: January 2020
Estimated selling price: 949.99 Euro

Jury Statement

"Garmin features all the functionality for almost all athletic and outdoor activities. And with the improved battery life that can be extended by a Power Manager the Fenix is even more suitable for Ultra-runners."

Urs Weber, Editor Rodale Motor Presse GmbH & Co KG. / RUNNER'S WORLD

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Product Features

  • GPS multisport smartwatch with high outdoor qualities
  • Solar charging lens uses sunlight to extend battery life
  • up to 24 days of operation are possible
  • pre-installed map of Europe and maps of over 2000 ski areas

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