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Gold Winner | Blackroll Twin | Fascia Roll

ISPO Award Gold Winner Fitness & Team Sports BLACKROLL Twin Fascia Roll

Blackroll Twin: Fascia Roller for a More Intense Massage

Compared with traditional fascia rollers, the Blackroll Twin is designed to target muscles and tissue to a much higher degree. This is made possible by a recess in the middle, which makes it possible to treat parallel muscle groups, such as along the spine, more easily and effectively. When exercises that involve the arms and legs, the shape is also designed to better stimulate the skin. The Blackroll Twin can also be combined with the “Booster” vibrating core, which jolts the muscles into an oscillating movement. This is meant to enhance the massage effect. A great combination – and therefore a Gold Winner in the Medical, Physio & EMS category for the Fitness & Team Sports segment.


Available from: April 2020
Estimated selling price: 199.90 Euro

Jury Statement

"The BLACKROLL TWIN combined with the BOOSTER vibrating core further empowers all athletes to take charge of their recovery and performance. BLACKROLL TWIN opens up for more target areas with thought through design and comfort. This is one more step in making wellness more accessible to everyone."

Andrianna Wängström, Fitness Business Professional & Holistic Fitness Trainer

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Product Features

  • targeted massage of muscles and tissue
  • promotes the blood circulation of the skin
  • ideal for parallel running muscles
  • can be combined with the "Booster" vibrating core

Contact Blackroll AG

Blackroll Inc.
Hauptstrasse 17
8598 Bottighofen


For inquiries please contact:

Mrs Julia Haite
Phone: +49 7141 69 625 29

or visit Blackroll AG at the ISPO Munich 2020
Booth: A5.400