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EXOlung makes the dream of endless diving come true. The founder and inventor of EXOlung, Jörg Tragatschnig, has taken up one of his old ideas again and perfected it technically. Without a compression device or diving bottle, you can now breathe under water using only your own body movement - comparable to the dream of flying. EXOlung thus fills a huge gap. The low weight and volume of the diving equipment also enables completely new transport and travel possibilities.


Underwater breathing apparatus from EXOlung

EXOlung Underwater Breathing Apparatus: Endless Diving

The start-up EXOlung is changing shallow-water diving forever. Whether you dive for business or pleasure, the EXOlung underwater breathing apparatus opens up the underwater world like never before. This light and compact diving device uses the diver's leg movements to draw fresh air down from the surface at depths of up to five meters, letting you stay underwater for as long as you want. The technology turns underwater sports into something everyone can enjoy, whether they’re professional or amateur, for as long as they like. To top it all off, the standard ABC kit of fins, a mask and a snorkel is uncomplicated, robust and inexpensive, requiring little maintenance or care and never needing charging or filling. EXOlung won over the judges by pushing the limits of breathing apparatuses, and is a worthy winner in the offshore category.

Foundation: Austria, 2018

Jury Statement

"I love being underwater. For me, EXOlung really pushes the boundaries. In future everyone will be able to stay underwater as long as they want. This enhances the underwater experience – with no need for a diving license or complicated equipment. For many water sports fans, this is an absolute dream come true"

David Badalec, Head of ISPO Business Solutions

EXOlung Diving Equipment breathing apparatus

About EXOlung

EXOlung is a young company breathing life into an old idea. Their new diving device was developed for everyone on the shore of lake Zell, in the middle of the test center.


The Founder

Joerg Tragatschnig has been a senior designer at the Porsche Design Studio for over 30 years and is responsible for a wide range of successful products.

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Contact EXOlung


5700 Zell am See

For enquiries please contact
Mr. Joerg Tragatschnig

or visit EXOlung at the ISPO Munich
Booth: B4.BN56