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Sport is often a matter of the head. If you don't feel confident, you can hardly deliver your best performance. These seven ISPO Award winners take away your worries. With the right protective gear, your focus is solely on the next challenge.


D30® Ghost™ back protector

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Have I locked the door? Is the stove still on? Anyone who asks themselves these or similar questions more often will soon be adding another classic to their repertoire with the D30® Ghost™: Am I actually wearing my back protector? However, thanks to Ghost's "fit-and-forget" approach, this is quite intentional. On the body, the thin and light protective shield is hardly noticeable. Its flexibility ensures high freedom of movement when mountain biking or winter sports, its breathability prevents unnecessary sweating. At the same time, the back protector offers CE Level 1 protection. "Compared to rigid, bulky products that do not fit well and move independently, Ghost™ back protectors are extremely flat. They fit the body perfectly and the rider can move freely," says Mostyn Thomas, Global Brand Director at D3O. Another plus: The protector can be worn with different garments.



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Avalanche backpacks are simply part of many powder adventures with skis or snowboard. However, they are expensive specialists that are rarely used outside of freeriding. With the A.ROUND, ABS now wants to appeal to the mountain sports community all year round. In the snow, an airbag system provides avalanche protection. The balloons are attached to the side of the backpack and therefore do not take up any stowage volume. Their positioning means they deploy particularly quickly when needed. The release handles can not only be adjusted in height, but can be attached on both sides - perfect for adjusting to individual preferences. When the winter season is over, the A.ROUND becomes a hiking backpack without further ado. The airbag system can be removed, and the top loader can be expanded from 32 to up to 42 litres of capacity. So you can get by with a single backpack for several (mountain) sports.


Ocun Twist Tech Eco climbing harness

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Age, use, material damage, improper storage - sooner or later the durability of any climbing harness is over. However, it is not so easy to recognize when a replacement is appropriate. This is where the Ocun Twist Tech Eco steps in: Using wear indicators in the tie-in points, it tells climbing enthusiasts themselves when it's time to say goodbye. The tie-in points themselves are easily accessible and allow for comfortable donning. A variant of the three-buckle harness specifically for women also takes into account the female anatomy. The Ocun Twist Tech Eco climbing harness consists largely of the bio-based material Dyneema, which comes from waste from the wood industry, and recycled polyester yarn. The all-rounder plays out its strengths both in sport climbing and mountaineering, as well as on via ferrata.


LEKI Hemp One Vario

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Textiles made from hemp? Known. But trekking poles? With the Hemp One Vario, LEKI has launched the first model in which the organic material is used as a substitute for aluminium and carbon. In the process, the renewable raw material for the adjustable shaft thrives just six kilometres away from LEKI's corporate headquarters. Other plastic components contain a significant proportion of natural cork and hemp. The trekking pole with the appealing look is manufactured entirely in Europe. So far, it is only available as a handmade, limited series in Globetrotter stores. "That's why we're still working on making the product available to the wider trade, and we have a very long-term perspective," emphasizes Matthias Hatt, LEKI's managing director. The Hemp One Vario is suitable for short and longer hikes below high alpine areas.



Silva Free headlamp

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Whether running, mountain biking or skiing: The Silva Free Headlamp series brings light into the dark. Due to its modular character, the headlamp series meets the requirements of several sports. Early risers and night owls thus only need one product to get active in different ways before sunrise or after sunset. All parts as well as accessories of the headlamps are interchangeable. Three different mounting options provide flexibility, and the batteries come with four different watt-hours (Wh). The lamp units illuminate the surroundings with values between 1,200 and 3,000 lumens. A special airflow technology ensures that the lamp head stays cool. The maximum effect is achieved with movement. The Silva Free Headlamp series is waterproof, although the power cord is integrated into the adjustable headband. Thus, no annoying distraction dangles in front of the face and any obstacle is detected in time.


Restube Swim Buoy

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In an emergency a real lifesaver, otherwise a useful companion: The Swim Buoy from Restube offers numerous advantages for long-distance swimming or swimming in open water. The buoy can be used as a dry bag, and a waterproof pocket offers space for a smartphone. A special mount allows the installation of an action cam - perfect for spectacular pictures from an unusual perspective. A predetermined separation point ensures safety in flowing water, as the buoy detaches from the harness when subjected to a load of 15 kilograms or more. The bright yellow of the Swim Buoy is a highly visible signal colour. It can be recognized from a passing boat, even if it only flashes briefly between the troughs of the waves. And if the forces leave you while swimming, the PFC-free buoy made of nylon TPU brings enough buoyancy to carry the entire body weight.



Bosiden Lightweight 2 Pieces Down Jacket

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From a fashionable city jacket to a functional outdoor companion in the blink of an eye: the Lightweight 2 Pieces Down Jacket consists of two fully-fledged individual jackets that ideally complement each other and can also be worn independently. With an outer material made from recycled and breathable Wind stopper material from Gore-Tex Labs, the outer layer defies adverse weather conditions, while laser ventilation holes on the underarms ensure high breathability. The inner layer of the Lightweight 2 Pieces Down Jacket consists of a lightweight down jacket with elastic side panels for comfort. A "down mapping" technology provides comfortable warmth. With it, the down modules are arranged in the merino wool on the inside in such a way that they provide special protection for areas of the body that require insulation. The wool itself absorbs moisture quickly and thoroughly, helping to keep the body cool and dry during activity.

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