ISPO Brandnew Pitches

Discover the future of sports at ISPO Munich!

At ISPO Munich, four promising start-ups will present themselves in each of four exciting categories. We introduce you to these up-and-coming companies and show you how they are revolutionizing the world of sports. Learn more about the latest innovations in Outdoor & Adventure, Snowsports, Performance, Body & Mind (physical products), Sports Technology and Platforms, and Sustainability. Be there when the future of sports takes shape!

The Winners

Outdoor & Adventure & Snowsports

Milo Action Communicator

Milo™ – The Action Communicator™ is the walkie-talkie reimagined. It enables hands-free, multi-way, group voice conversation, allowing adventurers to speak while on the trails, slopes or water. No phones or Wi-Fi needed, so everybody in the group can share the moment, in the moment.
Milos™ create their own mesh network, so you don’t need Wi-Fi or a phone signal. The range between two Milos™ is 600 m (2000 feet) depending on the terrain. The MiloNet™ mesh network can extend that range when your group of 3 or more spreads out.

DISTON Anti-Cut Pants for Ski Racing

Let me introduce DISTON to you, the best anti-cut pants in the world which protect ski racers against lacerations produced by the ski edges in ski trainings and competitions.
The DISTON pants are certified with a grade 4 out of 5 according to the Anti-cut standard EN 388/2016.
DISTON pants are conformed by FIS (International Ski Federation) with 3 FIS stars, This is the highest certification level (3 stars) given by FIS regarding cut resistance grade.
Diston anti-cut pants are very COMFORTABLE, ELASTIC, SOFT and BREATHABLE, but the most important feature is its game changing ANTI-CUT properties.

Qwicklane Ski Touring Binding

Our product is a state-of-the-art ski touring binding that features automated height adjustment for climbing aids. Our binding allows skitourers to effortlessly adjust their climbing aids' height with a simple click on a remote control. The system is operated via a remote control, which can be conveniently mounted on ski poles or other equipment. Importantly, should the battery run out or be forgotten, the binding also features a manual override. This ensures that skitourers will never be left stranded and can continue their ski touring adventure without any interruption.

Reflective STICKIES

Reflective STICKIES are easy to use reflective stickers that stick on any surface which makes them a great add-on for clothing, accessories and apparel. They have High-Viz properties and they can reflect in rainbow colors although the daytime appearance is a subtle dark-grey which is why they blend in perfectly with decent casual everyday clothing.

Performance, Body & Mind (Physical Product)

Pocket Banana

Fuel Your Adventure with Pocket Banana. Pocket Banana is banana reinvented, 100% natural energy gel made with patented banana concentrate only. One sachet of 25ml BananaGO(25ml) = Energy, electrocytes, and vitamins of 1 whole banana(150ml). It is also vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. So you can feel good about fueling your body with the best natural ingredients.
Here are some of the benefits of it:

  • Easy to store, carry, and digest
  • Sustained release of real-food energy, electrocytes, and vitamins of bananas
  • 100% natural, 0 added sugar, Vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO
  • Tastes great!

Performance KIT

Our PERFORMANCE KIT includes football socks with compression and our mouldable shin guards. Our football sock is feature-packed - with an inner pocket for your shin guard, and an anti-slip sole to give you a better grip in your boots.


Weights are at the core of gym workouts because of their versatility.With ClickFit® Weights, we’ve reinvented the traditional weight plate used in homes and gyms for decades. ClickFit® system allows weights to be adjusted directly within the plate itself, eliminating the need for base units or stands. You add or reduce weight by clicking on / clicking off one of two weight segments. Without removing the plate from the bar. This means our weight plates, works with dumbbells, barbells and resistance machines in gyms. The innovation is patent pending and has registered designs and trademarks.

ArcX Smart Ring

The ArcX smart ring is a new type of wearable technology. It is a thumb operated, micro joystick, remote control for smart phones, sport cameras, wireless speakers, timing systems and any other Bluetooth device. A companion app available on both iOS and Android platforms offers a huge amount of additional functionality with an AI music recommendation filter (beta) that will provide playlist recommendations to improve physical performance.

Wahu Shoes

WAHU shoes are the first smart, versatile and adaptable shoes in the market. They allow the user to modify the suspension level of the soles at every moment of the day depending on the user's taste, to his/her/ body and to the activity. Through the patented w-lift technology - a pneumatic system integrated in the soles, which exploits airflows and their pressure to modify cushioning and elevation from the ground - the user can get the comfort/relief he/she/ wish for any time. A set of sensors (pressure, acceleration and gyroscope) and AI algorithms make the shoes work automatically without the user's intervention.

Sports Technology and Platforms

Textile Tribo-Electric Electrodes for Motion Energy Harvesting

GammaO specializes in the development and manufacturing of textile solutions that convert motion and frictional energy into electricity, a concept rooted in the principles of static electricity. Through this innovative approach, GammaO provides a unique solution to guarantee the energy self-sufficiency of connected textiles, ultimately enhancing their adoption. The cornerstone of this technology is a patented method known as triboelectricity.

GammaO's expertise extends to the creation of electrodes using cutting-edge digital embroidery technology. The design and seamless integration of these electrodes into textile articles are then optimized to suit specific applications, whether it be for energy harvesting or sensor development.

Lumaflex Body Pro

Introducing the Lumaflex Body Pro: A disruptive, FDA Class 2 cleared red light therapy panel. It's flexible, portable, durable, and waterproof. Our cutting-edge tech offers easy use and versatile charging for on-the-go therapy. As industry creators, we've merged the latest research to democratize red light therapy. Once reserved only for astronauts and pro athletes, it's now accessible to all. Tailored for not only pro athletes but all fitness enthusiasts, and regular exercisers young and old, it enhances performance, manages pain, and fuels recovery. Join us, embrace innovation, and harness the boundless energy of Lumaflex's industry-redefining technology.


SOLLO is a patented technology uses nanosensors in running shoes to measure sole absorption evolution and supination-pronation behaviours. The system is fully integrated and weighs 1.5g. Runners can optimise their footwear usage and reduce their risk of injury with a related app linked to the sensors that provide data on the evolution of the shoes, letting users know when it's time to replace their footwear. Brands benefit from SOLLO technology by having direct access to their customers through bid data and a better understanding of their usage. This innovation comes with a friendly interface to support both consumers and brands.


Sportreact revolutionizes athletics with the world's ONLY combination of reaction lights and timing gates. Designed for coaches to enhance athletes' visual perception, change of direction, neurocognition, running speed, and reactive agility, Sportreact boosts both physical & mental performance, speed, agility, quickness, hand-eye coordination, focus, and more. Seamlessly functions as a blend of a sports smart stopwatch and interactive light pods displaying signs and colors that athletes need to react to. Easily measure NBA, NFL, and MLS-level standard tests, customize deep complex cognitive exercises, and track ultra precise team & individual analytics while benchmarking with others inside the app for unbeatable progress.


Digital Product Passport Item Lifecycle Management

A digital product passport that digitizes and greatly simplifies the post-purchase consumer journey for a given item including lost item return, resale, rental, donation, warranty/repair, and end of life recycling. Brands benefit by being:

  • connected directly to their customers even when items are purchased through a third party;
  • able to cross-sell/upsell compatible/complimentary items/services directly from the item;
  • able to mediate resale and rental of items;
  • able to simplify and improve their recall/warranty/repair operations and customer communications;
  • able to use analytics around ownership cycles and repair/quality/ownership/end-of-life data to improve designs for durability, repairability, recyclability and offer new services in the future.


numi. is a cutting-edge SaaS solution designed to revolutionize the product lifecycle. We empower brands to effortlessly manage the return of used products from customers while also facilitating their refurbishment, remanufacturing, and recycling. The software enables smart, user-friendly and digital trade-in and resale processes that can be integrated into any existing shop system. Our platform serves as a centralized hub for automizing and monitoring all related operational processes. Partners such as refurbishers, remanufacturers and recyclers can be connected to ensure full transparency and traceability of the downstream value chain.

Haelixa DNA Traceability

Haelixa is an innovative solution that uses DNA to mark and trace products to unravel complex global textile supply chains. The marker is solved in liquid and directly applied to the raw material. It is precisely engineered to survive industrial textile processing. The marker is invisible to the naked eye and does not affect the product’s properties or quality.

DIFOLD Origami Bottle

DiFOLD is a start-up on a mission to revolutionize the packaging industry and spread ReUse.The Origami Bottle is our flagship product. It is the first foldable bottle made of a plant-based material. With 750 ml in capacity, it folds at 20% in volume, just like origami. Unlike other collapisble bottles, DiFOLD is very rigid and sturdy when unfolded, avoiding spills and providing the stability of non-foldable bottles. It is perfect for many occasions, amongst which commuting, doing sports, travelling, hiking, and backpacking, to name a few.

Explorer V2

The Explorer is the first-ever model of hemp shoes developed by 8000Kicks. It was designed and engineered in Portugal to achieve the most sustainable, durable and comfortable sneaker ever built. Minimalist, yet stylish enough to fit every occasion, indoors or outdoors.

As the first waterproof hemp shoe, it also fulfills its purpose by allowing its owner to go through hikes, city madness or stormy weather!It was created by grandma and grandson, deep in the Center of Portugal - Mira de Aire.