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User-generated content can also become a valuable marketing tool for sports and outdoor brands.
The most authentic brand ambassadors, however, are not world champions or record holders, but ordinary customers who share their everyday experiences with the products of a brand. User-generated content is increasingly finding its way into digital marketing, and with good reason.

This year the Multiball Hackathon will take place for the first time at ISPO Munich 2020. Within a short time, several teams develop their own games, which compete against each other on the interactive screen of the company Fun With Balls. Here everything about the event.

Winter sports
The ski sales growths in the new winter season
The latest figures from the Austrian Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Suppliers (VSSÖ) show increased sales in the ski industry. has summarized the most important figures and names the most important trend in the purchase decision.

Sports business
Bereits seit Anfang der 1960er Jahre vertritt die FESI die Interessen der europäischen Sportartikelindustrie.
A Puma manager succeeds outgoing Adidas man Frank A. Dassler: The Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) has elected Neil Narriman as its new president. It is intended to represent the interests of industry in digitisation and in the fight against counterfeit products.