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The balance between social responsibility and economic development is becoming increasingly important. Especially at trade fairs, these two factors play a significant role, as they provide a glimpse into the future. It is therefore all the more important that climate protection and sustainability are consciously integrated into business life as well as into trade fair presence.

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GoGreen ticket – together sustainable for a green future!

We have decided to sell all our paid tickets as GoGreen tickets. With the purchase of your ticket, you support one of our climate protection projects.

CO2 emissions are released by the travel of our visitors. With the GoGreen ticket, we offer you the opportunity to make a climate protection contribution for the greenhouse gas emissions generated. This carbon offset contribution of 5 euros will be invested in three high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects that meet the highest standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo) and demonstrably make a positive contribution to sustainable development locally and regionally.

Let's walk the path to a greener future together.

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GoGreen CO2 Audit - Create a carbon footprint for your trade show appearance!

Trade fairs are the platforms of the future. Looking at the world of tomorrow, it becomes clear how important the balance between economic growth and social responsibility is. Sustainability and climate protection must be actively lived and integrated into business life.

Take the first step and have a carbon footprint of your trade fair appearance created with the GoGreen Audit. You also have the opportunity to make a contribution to climate protection for the resulting emissions - quickly, easily and efficiently by supporting certified carbon offset projects of our partner myclimate.  The renowned organisation promotes measurable climate protection and sustainable development worldwide with projects of the highest quality.

Show how well business and climate protection go together, and motivate your customers and business partners to follow your example. Let's walk the path to a greener future together.

Our project selection - our responsibility

Your contribution to climate protection is made by supporting the high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects that meet the highest standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo) and, in addition to reducing greenhouse gases, demonstrably make a positive contribution to sustainable development locally and regionally. The collected GoGreen carbon offset contributions are distributed to the following regional and international carbon offset projects.

  • Hydropower Replaces Fossil Fuel in Vietnam

    "This climate protection project provides renewable energy in one of Vietnam's poorest provinces. The construction of a mini hydropower plant will feed clean electricity into the national grid. The scheme will eliminate the consumption of energy generated from coal, gas or diesel power plants, thus reducing carbon emissions."

    About the project

  • Biogas for rural households in India

    "The main objective of this carbon offset program is to build biogas plants as a clean and sustainable source of energy for households across India. The biogas produced from cow dung will replace the fuels currently used, such as firewood or paraffin."

    About the project

  • Biogas plants for 9000 families in India

    "The construction of biogas plants replaces the burning of firewood and the use of chemical fertilizers. In addition to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and reduced deforestation, the population benefits from higher agricultural yields and less soot formation in the houses. The project also reduces methane emissions from cattle dung."

    About the project

This is how you support climate protection with GoGreen

  1. Register for the GoGreen CO2 audit event.
  2. Answer selected questions about your individual CO2 consumption at the event. Your CO2 consumption will be determined by our experienced partner myclimate.
  3. Make your individual contribution to climate protection.
  4. Support a sustainable project of our partner myclimate with your carbon offset contribution.
  5. Receive an official GoGreen exhibitor certificate from our partner myclimate and other benefits.
myclimate - shape the future

myclimate - our partner

The international initiative with Swiss roots is one of the world's leading partners for effective climate protection. With projects of the highest quality, myclimate drives measurable climate protection and sustainable development worldwide. Emissions are reduced by replacing fossil energy sources with renewable energies, implementing local reforestation measures with small farmers and implementing energy-efficient technologies. Experienced consultants help companies in the CO2 and resource management business area to identify and tap potential. In the more than 140 carbon offset projects of myclimate, 13.46 million CO2 have been saved to date, 18 million trees have been planted, and 20,000 jobs have been created.