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Trade shows are the platforms of the future. When you look to the future, you realize how important it is to find a balance between economic growth and social responsibility. Sustainability and climate protection must be actively integrated into our economic life.

Take the first step and use the GoGreen Audit to create a carbon footprint for your trade fair presence. You also have the opportunity to make a climate protection contribution for the emissions generated - quickly, easily and efficiently by supporting certified climate protection projects from our partner myclimate.

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How to support climate protection with GoGreen:

  • Answer selected questions about your individual CO₂ consumption at the event. Your CO₂ consumption will be determined by our experienced partner myclimate.
  • Make your individual climate protection contribution and support a climate protection project of our partner myclimate.
  • Receive an official GoGreen exhibitor certificate from our partner myclimate.

GoGreen visitors

GoGreen Ticket - sustainable together for a green future!

We have decided to sell all our paid tickets as GoGreen tickets. By purchasing your trade fair ticket, you are supporting one of our climate protection projects.

CO₂ emissions are released when our visitors travel to the event. With the GoGreen ticket, we offer the opportunity to make a climate protection contribution for the greenhouse gas emissions generated. This climate protection contribution of 9 euros is invested in three high-quality myclimate climate protection projects that meet the highest standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo) and demonstrably make a positive contribution to sustainable development locally and regionally.

Our projects

  • Savings Groups Enable Women to Afford an Efficient Cook Stove in Kenya

    "Traditionally the rural communities of the Siaya region of western Kenya have cooked on open fires, which require huge amounts of firewood. Thanks to community savings and loaning (CSL) groups, however, women can now afford more efficient stoves. This reduces the demand for firewood and thus protects the local forests, which leads to reduced CO₂ emissions. Furthermore the CSL groups lead to a financial and social empowerment of women."

    About the project

  • Clean Drinking Water for Schools and Households in Uganda

    "The primary objective of the programme is to disseminate water purification systems to low-income households and institutions such as schools, starting in Uganda. Carbon finance is used to give households access to the clean water technologies thereby improving the livelihoods and health conditions of thousands of people and at the same time reducing CO₂ emissions by reducing the consumption of non-renewable firewood and charcoal."

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  • Biogas plants for 9000 families in India

    "The construction of biogas plants replaces the burning of firewood and the use of chemical fertilizers. In addition to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and reduced deforestation, the population benefits from higher agricultural yields and less soot formation in the houses. The project also reduces methane emissions from cattle manure."

    About the project

myclimate - shape the future

myclimate - our partner

The international initiative with Swiss roots is one of the world's leading partners for effective climate protection. With projects of the highest quality, myclimate promotes measurable climate protection and sustainable development worldwide. Emissions are reduced by replacing fossil energy sources with renewable energies, implementing local reforestation measures with small farmers and implementing energy-efficient technologies. Experienced consultants help companies in the CO₂ and resource management business area to identify and exploit potential. In over 140 myclimate carbon offset projects, 13.46 million CO₂ have been saved, 18 million trees planted and 20,000 jobs created to date.