Fitness ist unerlässlich für eSports-Höchstleistungen wie von Fnatic beim CS:GO Dreamhack Masters 2019.
Especially in the current time, when consoles and PCs at home are used more and more, sufficient fitness for ambitious gamers is especially important for optimal performance. takes a closer look at the profession of eSports and shows exercises and methods that help eSports professionals not only stay healthy but also improve in-game performance.

As a climber, trust in one's own abilities is elementary.
When the body goes on strike in competition and performance fails to materialize, working with a mental coach like Wolfgang Seidl can help. At, he explains how mental training helps to fully exploit one's own potential. He also provides three practical tips for everyday (sports) life.

Lars Lienhard beim Training mit Gina Lückenkemper
Football world champions such as Mario Götze, or Germany's fastest woman Gina Lückenkemper swear by neuroathletics training. One of the absolute experts reveals three simple exercises that anyone can use to boost their performance.

As a trail runner and mental trainer, Sandra Mastropietro knows very well about the positive effects of sport on body and mind and is happy about all the new (running) athletes that the corona crisis brings forth. Her observation, however: The rules of etiquette seem to fall by the wayside more and more in the growing community. For the ISPO blogger this is the occasion to call for outdoor etiquette in part 5 of her series at