Anti-odor is one of the top functions being sought after in the sports and activewear market, as consumers looks to a longer and fresher feel. For the sports sector it is crucial, with synthetics essential for high level, lightweight performance, but they are also big perpetrators of long lasting smell after one wear.

Sports business
Lumo provides technology that helps you run better by giving you advice on how you can improve your technique.
Are you the type of person that likes to work out alone? Are you trying out new techniques but are unsure if you are doing it correctly? Sensor technology has come along to help you. There are several devices currently on the market that you can wear to collect personal data on how your body is moving and reacting to your workout routine. 

Safety on the road: these wearables help you on your bike ride.
Cycling is a very popular sport and leisure activity. As a result, there are several new wearables that let you turn on a “bike mode”, even track this activity automatically or have been built just for this sport. Learn more about what’s new for your next bike adventure!

The wearable Cosinuss One doesn’t just measure pulse and oxygen saturation in the blood, but also body temperature.
A fitness tracker doesn’t always have to be on your wrist: This wearable measures the athlete’s performance data in the ear. As a result, the in-ear monitor could be the future of tracking and lifestyle.