Sports business
Time for a recall! Technical problems with GoPro’s new drone Karma mean it could drop from the sky without warning.
GoPro is Recalling its Camera Drone, Karma As the Californian manufacturer shared, the drone could “in a small number of cases” lose power during a flight. 

Sports business
This is how spectacular the new partnership looks: Motocross star Ronnie Renner is filmed with a GoPro camera from the first person perspective.
The camera manufacturer GoPro and the energy drink producer Red Bull enter into a partnership: Red Bull is even taking over shares and assures GoPro exclusive recording rights. 

Water sports
The waves in Snowdonia can be adjusted to the ability of the surfer.
The Surf Snowdonia Adventure Park in Wales has reopened after its five month winter break, something made possible by a financial injection of over a million pounds.