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ISPO Brandnew Sponsor BREDDY'S

These pants count on sporty innovation

Manuela and Claus Bretschneider bring on a new movement to the apparel industry with their multifunctional and casual chic trousers. Thanks to innovative technology, this young Austrian company combines function with design. The result: the BREDDY'S Crossover Pants.

They are suitable for all kinds of sporting activities - and also for business and leisure. Thanks to select high-quality materials, BREDDY'S are not only breathable, but also dirt, wind and water-repellent, temperature-regulating and extremely durable. With their fashionable cuts, the Crossover Pants make multifunctional comfort suitable for everyday use.

Support and recognition of industry colleagues is particularly helpful and valuable during the early years of a start-up company and provides the necessary self-confidence to continue on the chosen path. “The cumulative innovative power that regularly meets at ISPO Munich is not only overwhelming, but also essential for future development. As a sponsor, we want to motivate, support and promote young entrepreneurs”, says Claus Bretschneider. “We're cheering for the innovators at their marathon and hold the water bottle.”

ISPO Brandnew Sponsor BREDDYS