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LISTICLE | 06/19/2023
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Yes, we love products that are specialized for male or female anatomy. But how great are products that are optimal for absolutely all sports freaks. Pay attention: Here come things for truly EVERYONE. Because these 9 ISPO Award winners are completely gender neutral.


Ocun climbing harness

The innovative Ocun Twist Tech Eco climbing harness sets new standards in sustainability without compromising on safety and quality. The goal of Ocun's product designers was to develop a climbing harness of the highest quality made from recycled or environmentally friendly materials, without compromising on safety or durability. The harness is available in three sizes (XS-M, M-L, L-XL) to ensure the best fit for every climber and climber. The comfortable three-buckle harness is ideal for a variety of activities including sport climbing, mountaineering and via ferrata, and is environmentally friendly thanks to recycled and bio-based materials. "It's great to see Ocun trying to incorporate as many eco-friendly materials as possible into this product. Interestingly, they use up to 82% bio-based and recycled materials," says Louisa Smith, textile and fashion expert and senior jury member of ISPO Textrends.


Dachstein SF TREK hiking boot

Futuristic sole and light weight: Dachstein revolutionizes the market with the SF TREK hiking boot. The SF TREK combines cutting-edge technology and recycled materials to offer hikers a comfortable experience on the trail. At the heart of the innovation is the new type of outsole. It features the HIKEPLATE, a molded TPU shank that ensures constant stability and control for an optimal stride. The innovative sole guarantees stability, durability and comfort with minimal weight. Whether for easy hikes or challenging climbs - the SF TREK gives outdoor adventurers* a completely new wearing experience.


LEKI trekking pole Hemp One Vario

Until now, hemp fibers have mainly been used for textiles. LEKI is now setting a new trend with the Hemp One Vario, presenting the first adjustable trekking pole made of hemp. The use of hemp fibers as a material in safety-relevant hardware components requires both extensive material knowledge and courage. The Hemp One Vario is not only lightweight, but also shines with a robust design and a pleasant feel. Also impressive is the sustainable approach of using hemp as a renewable raw material, which is grown just a few kilometers from LEKI's headquarters. "We are the first to consistently rely on the use of organic materials instead of aluminum and carbon," explains LEKI Managing Director Matthias Hatt. The great demand for the "Hemp One Vario" confirms the LEKI concept.


Adidas Terrex Techrock Reversible Hooded Fleece Jacket

For warm and cool days, the new Adidas Terrex Techrock Reversible Hooded Fleece Jacket offers the perfect solution. The versatile reversible jacket meets different comfort requirements and convinces with its multifunctionality. As part of the warmest midlayer family in the Adidas Terrex collection for the Spring/Summer 2024 season, it offers optimal protection. The thick, unbrushed fleece material keeps the body warm in cold temperatures and offers maximum comfort. However, the jacket also adapts to higher temperatures. Thanks to its reversibility, it can be worn from both sides, which allows not only a completely different look, but also a different skin and temperature sensation. The water-repellent, smooth side is ideal for intense outdoor activities. The textured, high-pile side, on the other hand, offers a soft, warm, and cozy feel familiar from traditional highloft materials. This keeps the body warm and dry when the activity slows down or a break is taken.


Merrell - MTL Long Sky 2 Matryx

With the MTL Long Sky 2 Matryx Merrell enters the upper class of performance trail running shoes and offers runners a stable running experience over long distances. Particularly impressive: the workmanship and material mix. With 5 mm lugs and a Vibram outsole, the shoe offers excellent grip on any surface. The use of Kevlar in the upper reduces the weight and extends the life of the trail running shoe - sharp stones can not harm the material. In addition, the combination is offered with sustainable 37.5 technology, a temperature-regulating material based on natural minerals. Merrell shows that they have succeeded with the successful upgrade of the MTL Long Sky 2 a significant leap in development.


Adidas Terrex Xploric Wind Jacket

The Adidas Terrex Xploric Wind Jacket combines style and functionality for light activities in the mountains and is perfect for spontaneous adventures around or on the weekend. What makes this jacket special is that it is made of cotton and its functionality is based on a robust fabric construction with a water-repellent finish. Functional jackets made of cotton are still rare in the outdoor world. Yet cotton offers protection, high breathability and an urban, sustainable look. The Terrex Xploric Wind Jacket is a durable jacket for less intense outdoor activities or camping. It is part of the 'Made With Nature in adidas Terrex Apparel', a collection of functional and stylish products that look into the future of outdoor apparel. The aim is to use natural materials, improve their natural performance properties and measure and publish the carbon footprint (CO2e) of these products to make better decisions.


Helu One road bike shoe from Hezo Cycling

The Helu One road cycling shoe from Hezo Cycling uses a 3D printed outer shell that is individually modeled for each rider. This custom shoe consists of a modular three-piece concept and features a magnetic Fidlock closure for a precise fit. Hezo Cycling's Helu One gets its custom-fit shape through computer-aided processes. During the purchase process, the rider or driver scans each foot via a special app. The collected data is verified by Hezo and serves as the basis for the digital 3D model, which is then sent to the printer. This 3D model, created with the help of the app, forms the basis for the production of a cycling shoe that is precisely adapted to the unique shape and contour of the foot. This design process makes the shoe stiff, lightweight and ensures optimal power transfer to the pedal through customization. The cleats can also be positioned individually.



With the A.ROUND ABS presents a technical all-season backpack - including removable airbag system and versatile adaptation through flexible reduction and expansion options. Together with winners of the Freeride World Tour, ABS team riders and mountain guides, ABS has developed a backpack that fulfills all the wishes of a mountain sportsman or woman. Thanks to its flexible options, the backpack is suitable all year round and for various sports. Outdoor enthusiasts save money and resources by being able to use one backpack for all their adventures, where before they needed two or three backpacks. The design of the backpack skillfully combines retro elements with the latest technology.


Insole Climfeet from SoleCooler

The French company SoleCooler has created a groundbreaking innovation with the unique Climfeet insole. Until now, there have been no insoles that warm on one side and cool on the other. These reversible insoles provide natural cooling and warmth and are a fantastic innovation especially for outdoor athletes* in extreme conditions. There are many ways to warm your feet, such as heated socks or insoles that run on batteries. To give it an extra kick and underline the innovative character: Climfeet insoles use a natural thermodynamic process. The pressure of the foot alone activates the temperature-controlled functions.

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