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Scandinavian Brands That Know How Outdoor Works

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Scandinavia is not only a dream destination for outdoor fans, but also home to some of the most innovative outdoor products. You can get to know many of them at the Scandinavian Village at OutDoor by ISPO from June 12 to 14. We take a look at Scandinavia's outdoor scene and its new, exciting projects from hyggeligen glamping paradises around the world to the ultimate sustainable outdoor shoe.


As fascinating as the Scandinavian nature is, so versatile is the Northern European outdoor scene. Over 70 outdoor brands from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are united under the umbrella of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG). At the OutDoor by ISPO from 12. To 14 June in Munich you can discover numerous Scandinavian brands as exhibitors, when the SOG with its members forms the unique Scandinavian Village.

"We at SOG assess the new date and location of OutDoor by ISPO as a sensible approach to the new normal in the outdoor industry," said SOG Secretary General David Nordblad. "The earlier date, the use of existing booths and the reduced booth investment are in line with the necessary changes. Together with our members, we plan to join forces with Scandinavian Village in this new framework."

We take a look in advance at the innovations from the North.


Nordisk: The tent experts rethink tourism

The traditional company Nordisk from Denmark, founded in 1901, has set itself one goal above all in recent years: "Hygge" across borders. The Danish word "hyggelig" is best described as "cozy", "pleasant" or "quaint" and is considered "typically Danish".

In its Nordisk Villages, the brand offers glamping fans just that: In cozy tent villages, Nordisk has now created on three continents as natural as comfortable places to stay in the middle of nature.


2022 starts the most ambitious project so far: the Hygge Circles Ugakei are a sustainable glamping village of Nordisk in the middle of a Japanese forest 400 kilometers from Tokyo. "A concept created in the middle of the most beautiful Japanese nature," is how Erik K. Möller, CEO and owner of Nordisk, describes it. "With Danish design, cotton tents with our polar bear in the logo, hygge, harmonious buildings made of wood, outdoor recreational opportunities and a view of the great outdoors - from the very front row, of course."

Also internally there was a lot of movement at Nordisk recently: in 2020, the Danes took over the sleeping bag specialists from Yeti and were thus able to expand their range once again. No wonder Möller is pleased to be able to present the Nordisk novelties at OutDoor by ISPO after the corona-related break again on a common industry platform.


"We at Nordisk see OutDoor by ISPO as our most important trade fair worldwide. For us it is more than just a trade show, it is rather a marketplace where we can meet all interesting and relevant people from the outdoor industry. And that doesn't just mean our customers, but also international colleagues, creatives, potential partners, researchers, suppliers, and people with whom we can exchange ideas and develop new ones. In other words, we get a picture of where the outdoor industry is heading. We can't find that out in any digital showroom or marketplace. That's why we're glad that OutDoor by ISPO is back."


Devold of Norway: Merino wool can do more

Also Devold of Norway is exhibitor at the OutDoor by ISPO. For more than 169 years, Devold has been developing outdoor products made of wool. In June, they trump then with their innovative use of the natural raw material merino wool: Because not only functional underwear or sweaters can benefit from wool. Devold of Norway also relies in its new shell jackets to 100 percent on merino wool.


"We have reinterpreted wool as a shell layer," says Devold managing director Herbert Horelt. Why he, too, can't wait to finally welcome the trade public back to the Devold booth at OutDoor by ISPO? "Because we're looking forward to seeing you and being able to present one or two upcoming projects - and finally in person again!"


Icebug: The sustainability makers

For years, Swedish footwear manufacturer Icebug has been one of the biggest innovators in sustainability. In February 2019, Icebug became the world's first climate-positive outdoor footwear brand. But the end of the line is far from being reached. Currently, Icebug is working on making its "Biosoles" made of mostly natural rubber even more sustainable.

The goal: a sole made entirely of recyclable material. And not only in the products, but also in production Icebug wants to continue to turn the sustainability screw. The company is currently investing heavily in infrastructure in order to cover a larger proportion of the energy it needs with solar power. With new solar panels in Vietnam, Icebug is reducing its CO2 emissions by 15 to 20 percent.

Icebug will showcase its latest products and initiatives at OutDoor by ISPO. "We need to work together on the topic of sustainability as an industry," explains Mathias Dean-Basedow, Country Manager DE/AT at Icebug: "We need to work with retailers to bring the topic further to consumers. But we also need to exchange ideas at the same time. You need platforms for that. And there is nothing better after the last few years than to meet again in person at OutDoor by ISPO."


Polygiene: outdoor innovation for the nose

In Malmö, Sweden, the material professionals of Polygiene are at home. With their new Odor Crunch technology, they too will be exhibiting at OutDoor by ISPO. Their promise: Yesterday you were still sweating on the mountain? Today you can put on the same piece again - and thanks to the treatment completely without sweat odor.


The modified particles bind, split and decompose odor molecules. The result of the saved washings: outdoor textiles that become even more durable and thus resource-saving and environmentally friendly clothing.


Markus Hefter, Polygiene, Commercial Director EMEA, is pleased to present the innovations at OutDoor by ISPO: "We are thrilled to meet our partners from the industry again. Those who don't know us yet should stop by anyway, because that's exactly where the journey will go: To make products more durable and to further advance the topics of sustainability and durability."


Outnorth and OutdoorExperten: The dealers from the north

"The best of Scandinavian Outdoor" - this is the motto of the Swedish outdoor retailer Outnorth. In its online store and two retail stores in Växjö and Gothenburg, Sweden, Outnorth offers clothing shoes and equipment mainly from Nordic brands.


In addition to domestic brands, Outnorth also strengthens Swedish outdoor tourism through collaborations with the Society for the Promotion of Outdoor Sports "Friluftsfrämjandet" and the Swedish Tourist Board STF. OutDoor by ISPO is also a must-attend event for Outnorth, says Stefan Gustafsson, Brands & Sustainability Manager at the retailer: " In my opinion, Outdoor by ISPO is clearly the most important trade fair for the outdoor industry. There is no better place to meet with decision makers, discover upcoming trends and do business at the same time."

The Swedish retailer OutdoorExperts is targeting Scandinavian customers with their huge outdoor range. The only physical store is located in Västeras, Sweden. The large online store is available in Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. For Scandinavian outdoor fans is also OutdoorExperten at OutDoor by ISPO on the road to experience the future of the industry on a platform.


"We are such a strong community and OutDoor by ISPO allows for a more personal atmosphere while supporting efforts to reduce our environmental footprint," said Svante Holm, COO of OutdoorExperten. "The new date also fits more closely with the seasonal cycle of the industry."