Icebug is the World's First Climate-Positive Outdoor Shoe Brand

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Swedish shoe manufacturer Icebug writes outdoor history: Since February, the company has been the first outdoor shoe manufacturer to operate climate-friendly.

Icebug ist als erste Outdor-Schuhmarke der Welt klimapositiv.
As the first outdoor shoe brand in the world, Icebug is climate-positive.

Since the end of February, the Swedish outdoor shoe manufacturer Icebug has been the first and only company to operate climate-positively. This means that the brand offsets more emissions than it produces.

The Göteborg-based company thus achieved its goal of becoming a completely climate-positive company by 2020, which was set in autumn 2018, much earlier than expected.

"When we made this important decision, it was a step into the unknown. We didn't know if it would cost us 20 cents or 20 euros per shoe. At the same time, however, it was clear to us that we had to take on responsibility. But we didn't expect it to be that easy", said Icebug CEO David Ekelund.

Icebug achieved this milestone in cooperation with the UN Climate Neutral Now initiative. The first step is to measure a company's total CO2 emissions from production, transport and administration.

The company then tries to reduce emissions as much as possible before financially offsetting unavoidable emissions through UN-certified reduction procedures and global projects.

"Everyone in our society should take the initiative when it comes to climate change. We are delighted that Icebug has taken on the role of a leader and is ambitiously driving its own plan forward. By financially supporting projects worldwide, they are actively reducing emissions. Through such actions we can make a difference." said Niclas Svenningsen, Manager at UN Global Climate Action.

He is convinced that "we will achieve the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement of becoming a climate-neutral society".

The exact collection of data on annual Icebug emissions has not yet been determined. However, a rough estimate has shown that the company is responsible for around 3,637 tons of greenhouse gases in the financial year March 2018 - February 2019. With the compensation payment of 4,755 tons made to the UN climate projects on the 21st of February 2019, Icebug is about 30% above the required value and is therefore climate positive.

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