Speaker briefings

Information for speakers at ISPO Munich Online

Are you a speaker at ISPO Munich Online?

We are looking forward to getting to know you and are excited about the insights and experiences you will present to the participants of ISPO Munich Online.
On this website you will find important tips and 
all the information you you need to know for the preparation of your speaking slot.

ISPO Re.Start Days Summer 2020

Main Stage Speaker

Are you giving a keynote or part of a panel on the Main Stage?
We have summarized all the important information for your contribution on the Main Stage in this briefing.summarized for you.

Due to the current regulations in Bavaria, we assume that our speakers will be remotely connected. If you prefer a personal visit in our studio we can make this possible, but we ask you to register by 27.01.2021. In the studio all participating persons are tested daily and wear masks.

Workshop/Masterclass Host

Are you holding an interactive workshop or giving a masterclass?
Then you will find all the important information in the following briefing.

social media kit

We are happy if you communicate your participation in ISPO Munich Online on social media.

For this purpose, we give you a few tools to help you.

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