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LISTICLE | 09/24/2021
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ISPO Munich will return to the halls of Messe München in 2022. With new hall types and an innovative offer for interaction with end customers, there are new opportunities for exhibitors and participants to make even more of their trade show presence. We answer the most important questions for participants about ISPO Munich 2022.

Why will ISPO Munich 2022 be vibrant and international?

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, ISPO Munich was the most international event at Messe München and the meeting place for an entire industry. The relaunch of the trade fairs in Munich this summer has shown that with a hygiene concept  included, international presence trade fairs work well and are well received: Messe München already attracted an international audience of 400,000 visitors from 96 countries with the IAA Mobility in September, thus demonstrating that attendance fairs can be held safely and successfully under hygiene concepts.

The lifting of further travel restrictions or the announcement thereof, as well as German Health Minister Jens Spahn's expectation of a herd immunity in early 2022, send further signals for an ISPO Munich 2022 with participants and guests from all over the world.

With the new concept expansions, ISPO Munich 2022 is also even more relevant and attractive for business professionals, retailers, and media.

An overview of the exciting new concept of ISPO Munich 2022 can be found in the recording of the ISPO Academy Talk Consumer Insights Live Webinar.


What does the new hall concept of ISPO Munich 2022 look like?

For the first time, ISPO Munich 2022 is presenting three different hall types that allow each exhibitor to optimally adapt their presence to their own goals.

The three hall types at a glance:

  • Exhibition Halls: the platform for products, trends and innovations as well as new and old business contacts from all over the world from January 23 - 26, 2022.
  • Experience Hall: Summit and exhibition space for solutions and X-Industry from January 23 - 26, 2022
  • Collaborators' Zone: Brands interact with consumer experts from January 21 - 23, 2022

Will the original exhibition halls still be available?

With their catering zones at the end of the halls, the Exhibition Halls guarantee visitors throughout the entire hall area.

Of course. ISPO Munich was and is the platform where top brands and start-ups from all over the world present their latest products and trends to an international trade audience and network with all players in the industry.

Exactly this will also be possible at ISPO Munich 2022: The Exhibition Halls are the core of ISPO Munich and take up by far the largest part in terms of space. This is where exhibitors present their innovations. Suppliers, top athletes, press, and many other business professionals are omnipresent here. There is no better showcase for the industry's innovations.

How can exhibitors and interested parties participate?

Thanks to the new hall concept, the opportunities for participation at ISPO Munich are greater than ever for brands and organizations.

The following options for bookings are available at ISPO Munich 2022:

  • floor space for your own stands
  • pre-built booths
  • free workshop slots (e.g. for repair shops, snow & safety courses, prototype testing, dialogues and exchange on social topics)
  • workout slots
  • stage time slots

Do I have to bring my own stand as an exhibitor?

No. Participation has never been so easy for exhibitors: At ISPO Munich 2022, Messe München is offering pre-built booths in various versions for all hall types. From the 20m² model for only 6,500 euros to the Diamond Package of over 600m² with many other extras for 160,000 euros. Of course, booking floor space and setting up your own stands is also possible.

What happens in the Experience Hall?

The Experience Hall in exhibition hall A1 is the knowledge center of ISPO Munich 2022: On the Hybrid Stage in the center of the hall, the industry discusses all relevant megatrends, their challenges and solutions. The exhibition areas here are not product showrooms, but points of contact for new ideas, processes or materials.

This is exactly the right place for organizations, brands and experts not only from the sports industry but also from other sectors. In the Exhibition Hall, ISPO Munich 2022 bundles X-Industry expertise on megatrends such as digitalization or sustainability to open up new perspectives for the sports business.

In addition, ISPO Award-winning products will be presented in the Experience Hall. Here you will also find the ISPO Brandnew Village with the most innovative start-ups and the CSR & Sustainability Hub with initiatives and innovations around the topic of sustainability and responsibility.

What is the Collaborators' Zone?

Interaction and entertainment are trumps in the Collaborators' Zone. (Concept rendering)

The Collaborators' Zone in exhibition halls B5 and B6 is the Consumer Festival of ISPO Munich 2022. The name is inspired by the ISPO Collaborators Club, which has a large number of members. From January 21 to 23, brands will have the chance to get in direct contact with end customers through interaction and entertainment offers.

From trade show booths to their own workouts, workshops, or entertainment events on the Hybrid Arena, there are no limits for the participants here. Invite customers to focus groups? Repairshops for customers? Nutrition and health seminars? Collaborative training experiences? Do you want your collections of the future to be streamed to the whole world at your own fashion show? Then the Collaborators' Zone is the perfect place for you.

Which audience has access to the Collaborators' Zone?

Of course, trade visitor ticket holders have free access to the Collaborators' Zone. For example, as an exhibitor in the Exhibition Halls it is possible to hold meetings with business guests in the Collaborators' Zone without any problems.

Tickets for the Collaborators' Zone are also available to:

  • members of the ISPO Collaborators Club - the community of independent, sports-loving consumers from around the world
  • trade show participants to pass on to their invited guests as well as workout and workshop participants
  • all other interested parties via free ticket sales

End customers use a separate entrance to the Collaborators' Zone at the Messestadt Ost subway station and have no access to the B2B areas.

What does the entertainment program in the Collaborators' Zone look like?

In the Hybrid Arena - the big entertainment stage of the Collaborators' Zone - a highly attractive programme awaits for three days. From music acts and international artists to fashion walks, entertainment is on offer here every evening from 7pm to 11pm. Brands, exhibitors and collaborators are cordially invited to participate in the stage programme. Please send your enquiries to info@ispo.com. The Public Choice Event of the ISPO Awards will also take place here.

And: The complete entertainment program of the Hybrid Arena is freely available worldwide in a livestream. The stream can be embedded in your own content for free.

How can I organize my own workouts and workshops at ISPO Munich 2022?

Workout Spaces can be booked in the Collaborators' Playground in Hall B5 (Concept rendering)

Exhibition Hall B5 is the playground for workouts: here, in the Collaborators' Playground, interested brands and other providers can book workout spaces. And this in a particularly convenient way: Messe München takes care of the technical support as well as the check-in of the workout participants and hygiene measures such as the cleaning of the workout space.

Workshops are also bookable in a variety of packages. Workshops and workouts include a digital extension (native advertising or product special in a a listicle) on ISPO.com. In addition, a free booking system is available for workshop and workout providers.

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