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Winner | NITECORE NPS200 & NPS400 Portable Outdoor Power Stations | Outdoor Batteries

ISPO Award Winner Outdoor NITECORE NPS2000 & NPS400 Portable Outdoor Stations

NITECORE NPS200 & NPS400 Portable Outdoor Power Stations: The Power Outlet for on the Go

The NPS series from NITECORE are portable outdoor batteries. The compact housing is highly resistant to water and dust. The NPS200 and NPS400 models supply AC and DC power via USB connection and cigarette lighter. The modified sine waves that the battery outputs are particularly device-friendly. Combined with portable solar panels, the NPS 200 & NPS 400 even allow a limited independency off the grid. The jury is electrified and awards the Winner Outdoor in the category Energy Supply.


Available from: January 2020
Estimated selling price: 200.- Euro


SYSMAX Industry Co. Ltd.
Rm 2601-06, Central Tower, No.5 Xiancun Road
510623 Guangzhou

For inquiries please contact
Mr. Ben Guan

or visit NITECORE at the ISPO Munich 2020
Booth: A4.416