Quiksilver Joins European Outdoor Group

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The European Outdoor Group (EOG) welcomes with Quiksilver its 104th member. The latest accession of a board sports brand is, on the one hand, proof of the EOG's successful new approach and, on the other hand, of the rethinking of many companies.

Die European Outdoor Group hat mit Quiksilver ihr 104. Mitglied.
The European Outdoor Group has its 104th member with Quiksilver.

The board sports brand Quiksilver has joined the outdoor association European Outdoor Group (EOG). The company is also committed to playing an active role in the organization's sustainability projects. The snow and surf brand is the 104th member of the EOG, plus ten associated members.

Quiksilver Supports Avoidance of Microfibres

"The mountains and the waves are our playground. It is our mission to protect them for the future generations," said Francois Latterrade, Quiksilver Brand Lead EMEA. “I’m proud to join the European Outdoor Group today, to participate actively in the promotion of the outdoors, and to collaborate with EOG members to minimize our footprint on the environment.”

Quiksilver has already signed the EOG Sustainability Charter on accession and intends to fully support EOG funded or managed projects to reduce microfibres and disposable plastic products.

After Burton and Nitro, Quiksilver Followed as Next Board Sports Brand

EOG Secretary General Arne Strate was more than happy about Quiksilver's membership. Ever since he started as Managing Director in January 2019, he has been working to further develop the concept of outdoor to include paddling, biking and board sports as well.

"It’s really encouraging that it is our work on sustainability that was a driving force behind Quiksilver’s decision to apply for membership and we look forward to working closely with the team there to drive forward some of our most important projects," Strate said. Two snowboard brands, Nitro and Burton, had also joined the EOG recently.