The ISPO Brandnew Winner at ISPO Munich 2018

ISPO Brandnew

TOP 50 Newcomer

ISPO Brandnew is the biggest platform for sporty startups worldwide. Since the year 2000, ISPO has searched and designated the most promising newcomers of the sports industry. Former award winners among GoPro, Naish Kites, Maloja, Nixon or On are shaping the market today. The application phase for ISPO Brandnew 2019 starts mid of 2018 and creates an opportunity for young enterprises to successfully launch themselves into the market. 


YKK was introduced to ISPO Brandnew in 2007 and have since been one of the main sponsors for the village whilst launching some striking and interesting campaigns.
Since 2015, YKK is the presenting sponsor of ISPO Brandnew.
YKK Website

Quotes from renown awardees

ISPO Brandnew is the stepping stone for start-ups into the sports business. Take a look at quotes from former awardees.

Apply now for ISPO Brandnew 2019

Participation for ISPO Brandnew 2019 will be open beginning of July to all brands in the sports business that have not been listed as an exhibitor at ISPO before and are founded in 2015 or later.

Application Process




Fill in the online application and send it to us. The application can be changed or completed at any time until the deadline. 



Send us a video that explains very clear your product and your brand to the jury. It is just an information tool for the jury, so content is essential. Making and professionalism of the video will not be judged.



Finalize your online application until the Deadline, October 1st 2018, to ensure that you take part at ISPO Brandnew.




Send us your product until October 1st 2018. Please allow some days for potential delays at the distribution. Please attach additional materials related with your product (e.g. brochures, flyers, catalogues, factsheets) to your consignment. 


...and how it goes on after the deadline:



The jury selects all of the winners and finalists at the jury meeting beginning of November 2018.



The award ceremony for the ISPO BRANDNEW Winners takes place at ISPO Munich 2019
(03. - 06.02.2019)
. All winners, finalists and ISPO visitors are welcome.


7. PR

Several PR and promotion campaigns will support the awardees and their projects before, during and after the ISPO Brandnew ceremony and ISPO Munich 2019.



Additional information:

Criteria for a valid application:

Complete company information
Complete information for the primary contact for the submission
Product name and description
Vectorized company logo: ai, svg, pdf, eps
Additional company logo: png, jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, bmp (size: 655x287 px)
One high-resolution product image for publication in different communication channels:

  • Squared
  • Studio recorded photo (white background)
  • Resolution at least 2500 x 2500 pix with 300 dpi
  • Integrated clipping path around the product (shadows, reflexions and elements in the background have to be outside the clipping path)
  • Permitted file format: JPG, TIFF, EPS, PSD

Application video - Duration max. 2 minutes, in English, formats: avi, mov, mp4, mpeg, HD 1920x1080


Application for ISPO Brandnew 2019 will be online soon.

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Application Tips


When submitting your product, please bear in mind: the ISPO Brandnew jury members don’t know your product. Some of them may not even be overly familiar with your sports.

The jury is confronted with more than 150 applications. Try to impress them with a clear and meaningful presentation.

1. Application

Take your time with the application form. Choose the most significant product samples in regard to the uniqueness of brand and product. As it’s not only the product which is being assessed, please also include some promotion material samples. Overall brand appearance and a consistent message play a decisive role in the jury decision: this also includes product design, graphics, used materials, claim and message, a definition of your target group, the sales approach, and the development of your company within recent months/years.

Provide photo material (300 dpi, CMYK) and logos (vectorized, .eps, CMYK, Illustrator) online through the application form on a data carrier or via download link. 

2. Video

The only means of direct communication with the jury is your video. It’s the chance of a lifetime to present your product and brand to the expert jury. The video is supposed to give a clear and significant image of what makes your product and your brand so unique. Try to prove why you deserve to win the award. And don’t forget: the jury does not know your product yet. Devise a concept with which you can convey the most important facts and your brand message within just two minutes. Think of describing your product to an alien who has just arrived on planet earth without even the slightest clue of what’s going on. Let your creativity run free and focus on the unique selling points of your product and your brand.

Language: English

Formats: DVD, Quicktime, AVI or other established video formats

Optimum size: 1920x1200 px

Minimum size: 1024x768 px

3. Background Information

Your application must include some meaningful background information on the most important product features and its benefits. Obvious elements should be described and pointed out, too; even more so when it comes to less apparent features. Otherwise it is impossible to make an objective assessment that is based on facts. This approach also guarantees that important details are observed.

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Benefits & Costs



ISPO Brandnew is the world's largest start-up competition in the sports industry and internationally well-known.

ISPO offers a unique platform to all ISPO Brandnew winners and finalists. Within this package the start-ups receive the tools to help them have a successful start into the sports industry.

Label x x x
Trophy x x  
Certificate     x
Award Ceremony x x  
Hangtags 500 500 250
Stickers x x x
ISPO Brandnew Magazine -
Double Page
x x  

ISPO Brandnew Magazine -
Picture and description

Website presence x x x
Social Media presence x x  
Booth at ISPO Munich 
(28. - 31.01.2018)
approx. 15sqm approx. 15sqm approx. 12sqm
PR and promotional measures x x x
ISPO Card 2 2 1
ISPO On Snow Preview chosen brands chosen brands chosen brands



The application for ISPO Brandnew is for free. The Overall Winner and the winners packages are also free of cost. The amount that has to be paid by the finalist will be refunded if the brand will be a regular exhibitor at ISPO Munich 2020 or 2021.

Participation fee: free

Package costs:
- WINNER: free
- FINALIST: € 1,650 ,- (excl. VAT)
- FINALIST Category Digital: € 990 ,- (excl. VAT)
Amount will be refunded if brand comes back as regular exhibitor for ISPO Munich 2020 or 2021.
After the jury meeting the finalists have to confirm the prize in writing. If the prize is not accepted, there will not be any costs.


Find the rules for the ISPO Brandnew category Digital here!


Download the Conditions of Participation here.


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Compared to established brands, upcoming young companies face one major problem: the lack of publicity. It’s obviously no help if no one notices your awesome innovation. Changing this is one of the main targets of ISPO Brandnew. In other words: Young brands are put in the limelight with ISPO Brandnew.

There is a distinctive difference between regular exhibition stalls that can be rented by anyone and the assigned booths in the ISPO Brandnew Village. The entire ISPO Brandnew Village has an enormous outreach and has established itself as THE innovation center not to be missed when visiting ISPO Munich (03. - 06.02.2019).

Directly after the jury decisions the PR apparatus kicks off. A smooth-running network of press, dealers, distributors and sports industry opinion leaders is fed with all of the relevant information. For each exhibitor texts are written, photos taken (to some extent), and press kits are assembled. This way, right from the start, public interest is directed through the jungle of information towards our newcomers’ products. 


ISPO Brandnew exhibitors also enjoy a lot of other benefits:

  • Each brand is presented in our high gloss ISPO Brandnew Magazine
  • Media associates invited to the ISPO Brandnew Award ceremony
  • An assigned area on as a presentation space for the brand
  • Entries in our newsletter which is distributed to thousands of international readers
  • Photo shoot for selected brands
  • Press material (digital and print) as well as an ISPO Brandnew USB press kit
  • Press material for download on the website
  • Advertising in ISPO’s leading media products (ISPO catalogue, visitor pocket guide, info terminals, in connecting passages between the halls and many more)
  • Posters throughout the entire exhibition area

So, for the young brands the way to a successful ispo appearance is being paved by the ISPO Brandnew organizers a long time before the exhibition kick-off.

TV Coverage

Selected exhibitors of ISPO Brandnew are also invited to appear at ISPO OnSnow Preview. There they get the chance to present themselves to German TV stations such as ARD, Pro7, Sat1, RTL, N24, and BR and many more. As experience has taught, these stations usually include the most relevant info clips in thematically appropriate programs. This has an enormous public impact with a huge scope and priceless benefits.

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Postal address

ISPO Brandnew
c/o Pascher+Heinz GmbH
Joseph-Wild-Straße 20
81829 München 


Vivien Neubauer
Pascher+Heinz GmbH
+49 89 944 196 18

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ISPO Brandnew online presence is more than just a website: it is a platform for innovations by young sports brands.

Second Home for Innovations

Here, the best young brands of the sports industry are offered a presentation space that guarantees public interest by the most important associates of the trade. The exhibitors themselves are responsible for maintaining the website and posting news on important developments of their brands. Apart from their own website this is an opportunity to get in touch with a multiple of their target group, as the site is used by many decision makers in the sports industry.

The website is well frequented throughout the entire year and has become an important medium with which all of the ISPO Brandnew exhibitors are able to present their developments to a large number of sports fans.

Dealers, Distributors and Opinion Leaders – Global Information

Exactly these benefits are attracting the visitors, making the ISPO Brandnew website an important tool to the sports industry. The page is an inimitable source for extensive, well edited information on excellent new brands and innovative sports equipment. Pictures, videos, editorial content, and news provide a quick and detailed overview on current goings-on in the sports industry.

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The shipping address for the product samples and additional material is

ISPO Brandnew
c/o Pascher+Heinz GmbH
Vivien Neubauer
Joseph-Wild-Straße 20
81829 Munich
Tel.: +49 89 944 196 18

ISPO Brandnew participants bear the cost of shipping (delivery and return) their product to the jury meeting, and to the exhibition. The products are to be delivered in re-usable packaging. Winners’ and finalists’ submissions will be returned during ISPO. The return of all other products will be arranged as soon as possible after the jury decision. If desired, products may also be collected on the organizers’ premises.

To avoid problems at the customs it often helps to declare a merchandize value of under Euro 50.-. Please also put “Sample for ISPO Brandnew competition – Not For Sale” on your packing slip.

Participants also carry the liability for damages or additional costs. There is no insurance for the submitted products on the organizers’ side. We recommend a shipping and trade fair insurance, particularly against break/damage, loss and theft.


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Innovations and novelties are the icing on the cake of almost any coverage on trade fairs. To make media aware of which new and hot products they are to expect, extensive information measures are taken in the forefront of ISPO Munich (03. - 06.02.2019).

Personal Contacts and Huge Networks

For all ISPO Brandnew participants, press releases are written and actively sent to press representatives. In order give our young brands the best possible support journalists are supplied with the latest information through personal contacts and our extensive media network across all channels.

On-Site Information

Hundreds of media and press representatives visit ispo every year for coverage on exhibition news. Almost invariably their first stop will be one of the press centers. There, at the latest, they will make contact with ISPO Brandnew information.

Official press photos and press kits including relevant data on all exhibitors are available in assigned areas and press sections. Furthermore, press material is displayed at the respective ISPO Brandnew section.

All ISPO Brandnew exhibitors can also directly post their information online in the press box, where journalists can download the desired material.

Not a Substitute, but Support

Still, all of those measures are not intended as substitute for the essential press work of each exhibitor. It is also important to build your own community and to create opinion leaders. It is your declared responsibility to advertise your brand and your product innovations. This is why is at your disposal. The project team fully supports these measures and is happy to help with generous and targeted distribution of information.

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Creating an optimal exhibition presence at the world’s largest sports trade fair is utterly important for young brands. This is also true for you and your product, because when exhibiting at the ISPO Brandnew Village, young companies are treated to a wide range of benefits.


Premium Position – The Ultimate Hot Spot for ISPO Innovations

For many years the ISPO Brandnew Village has been an ongoing attraction for ISPO Munich visitors. Here all young innovators’ products are assembled. If you’re looking for novel products and something extraordinary, ISPO Brandnew Village is the place to go.

ISPO Brandnew Village is advertised to trade visitors throughout the whole exhibition area as well as in all of ISPO´s communication channels. With one’s arrival at the village the spirit of ISPO Brandnew is obvious. 2,500 m² of innovative, prizewinning products that have been selected by an expert jury await the visitors. Our cozy in-house lounge is available for business negotiations in calm surroundings, far away from the exhibition hustle and bustle.


Premium Service – Ideal Support during the Exhibition

Our exhibitors are offered an all-round no-worry package. We take care of planning, set-up and dismantling. Of course, security services, daily cleaning, costs for electricity and water, lighting and some basic furnishing are also included in the program. This way the exhibitors are spared some enormous costs, and it also helps them to concentrate fully on presenting their products and their message in the best light. They just need to arrive, to equip their booth with their own designs and they are ready for ISPO Munich (03. - 06.02.2019).

We even tend to our exhibitors’ physical well-being: at our ISPO Brandnew Bar participants and their business associates are offered drinks by our service staff.

The winner booth (including carpet, electricity, lighting and cupboard) is completely free of charge. The finalists will have to pay 1.650 € (plus VAT) for their booth. In the category "Digital" the finalists will have to pay 990€ (plus VAT), the winner will be chosen on stage at ISPO Munich 2019.
The amount will be refunded when the finalists register as a regular exhibitor at ISPO Munich in 2020 or 2021.

The booths at ISPO Brandnew Village are selected; they are only assigned within ISPO Brandnew. External rental of the booths is not possible.

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