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Shima Seiki Technology

JAPAN-Wakayama 1962, Masahiro Shima develops his first glove machine, a new machine, a first step towards a new technology which will change the knitting world a few years later. Since its origins Shima Seiki has always had a different approach, an alternative way to think that follows our motto “Even Onward”. Thanks to this mentality, we started to think about new technologies, starting with the first fully automated seamless gloves knitting machines to our latest technology. It was with this mind, with this idea of seamless that more than 20 years ago, precisely in 1995, we came up with our first WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine, the first knitting machine ever that was able to produce sweaters without any sewing. New innovations followed with our Total Design System, one of the first device able to follow the entire production chain with its software, from pattermaking to high-quality knitting simulation.

Nowadays Shima Seiki is a leading company, continuously innovating and looking to make the difference in new markets, approaching new realities and customers.  Our activities, aimed to new technologies and applications, are leaded by our willing to look always for the next step. In the last few years Shima Seiki has increased its own presence in important exhibition as ISPO, Techtextile, Pitti Filati and Premiere Vision, strongly believing that this could be an important step towards new markets, proposing our technology and samples to those are not really familiar with our world.

ISPO Brandnew Sponsor SHIMA SEIKI

ISPO is an open door to sport world, an important market where our technology can meet specific needs proposing new samples and alternatives. Since 2015 Shima Seiki is part of ISPO exhibitors with its know-how and experience in the sport market. Through the years we have developed different concepts: running pants and shirt, optical fiber and breathable sport vest, accessories and shoes. This last topic is becoming more and more important since the market of knitting shoes is growing faster than ever and we are proposing our best solution even in this field.  Our machines can knit flat shoes parts or complete 3D shoes, ready to be assembled without any sewing, accordingly with our WHOLEGARMENT technology. Many important sport brands are using our systems to create innovative shoes collaborating directly with us and developing new and innovative shoes for their customer. Knitting shoes are not only well developed for the sport market since also several fashion brands are now working with us on new shoes development. 

Shima Seiki is now presenting a new machine with a new revolutionary plating system: we call it Inverse Plating (IP). The new SVR123SP-IP can create beautiful designs and pattern with jersey time, making a new revolution for this kind of product. We have developed great sportive samples with synthetic yarn, breathable and hydro-repellent yarns. Most famous names in the fashion industry are really interested in fashionable and high-performance clothes.

We are looking forward to show our latest innovation during ISPO show, come to visit us at the ISPO Brandnew Village, Hall B4, booth BN05.

ISPO Brandnew Sponsor SHIMA SEIKI