Rab Mythic Ultra 180

Gold Winner // Sleeping Bags

Rab Mythic Ultra 180

Rab Mythic Ultra 180

The Mythic Ultra 180 has a titanium layer on the inside that reflects the heat emitted by the body. Sounds like a heavy sleeping bag? The opposite is the case: Rab has once again significantly reduced the weight compared to other lightweight sleeping bags. The same applies to the pack size. This is made possible by the fabric technology and the heat reflection, thanks to which 25 percent less down is required to achieve the same heat output. Until now, aluminium has often been used for the same effect. The metal, however, had two drawbacks: on the one hand it could dissipate heat to the outside and, on the other hand, it had a low durability. With its titanium technology, Rab can solve the latter problem with an electrostatic charge. It guarantees an even and long-lasting bond between the materials.


Available from: February 2020

Retail price: 499.95 EUR

Jury Statement

"The Mythic Ultra 180 sleeping bag has an incredibly small pack size and is lighter than many down jackets. Despite its low weight, the Rab keeps you pleasantly warm thanks to sophisticated technologies."

Charles Ross, Specialist Performance Sportswear Design

Rab Mythic Ultra 180

Product Specifications

Cut range: Unisex


Size: tba


Colors: Black

Brand Information

Equip Outdoor Technology Ltd. / Hab

Wimsey Way, Somercotes

DE554LS Alfreton, Derbyshire

United Kingdom

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