Cortazu Recycled Nylon 3-Layer Jacket

Gold Winner | Outdoor Outer Layer 3L

Cortazu - Recycled Nylon 3-Layer Jacket

In the past, not a single company – small or big – was able to introduce a 3-layer jacket out of recycled nylon – until now. In cooperation with Green Threads, Cortazu developed a lightweight 3L stretch fabric of recycled nylon suitable for high-performance jackets. The nylon originates from 100% post-industrial waste with a new 100% recycled, waterless dyed NRSD backer and PFC/PFOA-free DWR.

Available from: February 2019

Retail Price: 395.00 EUR

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Jury Statement

"The jury honored Cortazu for designing a three-layer jacket from 100% recycled, post-industrial waste nylon. We also liked the technical look and the lifetime warranty."

Cortazu Recycled Nylon 3-Layer Jacket

Sustainable, simple, and functional.

Minimizing the use of energy and components but maintain functionality and durability.
Using minimal seams to reduce the use of energy in production.
Minimizing weight to reduce CO2 during transport and to increase comfort during active sports.

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