Blackyak Mountain Shemagh

Gold Winner | Outdoor Base Layer

Blackyak Mountain Shemagh

Blackyak - Mountain Shemagh

The Blackyak Mountain Shemagh offers high-performance protection in all cold weather conditions. The multi-position design provides an intimate fit to the face, head, neck, and upper chest. The three-dimensional construction minimizes the ingress of draughts and cold air significantly reducing cold spot formations on exposed skin.

Available from: August 2019

Retail Price: 99.00 EUR

Jury Statement

"In the Mountain Shemagh, the jury found the best functioning outdoor balaclava they have ever seen. It is very well designed and thought out down to the last detail."

Outdoor jury panel

Blackyak Mountain Shemagh

Absolutely valuable.

A product with a multi-purpose use whilst covering the face fully for extreme protection and extended development to allow improved hearing and better communication options whilst remaining extremely comfortable.

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