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Product Name: UpcycledCap_FORteamsLAB
Product Name: UpcycledCap_FORteamsLAB

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It is an extremely comfortable, responsibly produced and highly customizable promotional cap. The fact that it is produced in Portugal, in a company certified in ISO9001, GRS, OEKO-TEX, sedex, among others, guarantees the traceability of the product and its conscious and responsible production from an environmental and social point of view. We call ‘loop’ the fabric that covers the hat. It was produced 100% from the company's internal production waste, without the need to add virgin fiber, therefore being 100% upcycled from waste and GRS certified. The back label is made of cork, a natural material widely used in Portugal and recognized as eco-friendly. The embroidery threads are 100% Viscose. Suitable for any gender and age and adjustable with a buckle also made from LOOP fabric. Furthermore, the fact that the hat can be 100% customizable through the metal on the adjuster or even from labels, transfers, and embroidery that can be placed anywhere on the hat, makes it a very popular product in sports merchandising, events and, increasingly, in fashion brands.


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