To the summit. Sustainability and beyond.

Our approach to a holistic responsibility strategy.

We do have a responsibility.

We are more than a venue, more than a fair, more than an international network of platforms: At the very heart, we are humans. We are part of a global society, and as members of this society we all have to do our share when it comes to tackling the challenges we are facing. The ISPO group has a responsibility: It goes far beyond bringing people, brands and products together, it goes far beyond becoming more sustainable. In a world that seems to become more and more complicated, it is important to base our actions on ethics and science. In a world that is growing increasingly complex, we need to look at the bigger picture.


Baseline Assessment:
We will determine where we stand, exactly, in terms of the goals we are pursuing.

Target-setting: We will define and schedule intermediate steps.

Strategy and Evaluation: We will further develop our purpose strategy and a clear definition of our evaluation process based on up-to-date scientific insights.

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Having learned from the self-given high expectations we had to fulfil at the first show of OutDoor by ISPO in 2019 of the reinvented OutDoor, we are now challenging ourselves to put these achievements, learnings and demands on ourselves into a holistic strategy, to make it measurable.
Learn more from the foundation OutDoor by ISPO has set within the ISPO Group:

Code of Conduct of OutDoor by ISPO