Bosideng tests award-winning product design with ISPO Collaborators Club

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The Chinese down jacket specialist Bosideng has already won the ISPO Award 2022 with its Composite Structure Camping Down Jacket. With the help of product tests conducted by the ISPO Collaborators Club, the brand was able to gather more valuable feedback.

Winner of the 2022 ISPO Award: the 'Composite Structure Camping Down Jacket' thinks versatility through to the end.

Bosideng tests award-winning product design with ISPO Collaborators Club

What will our clothes look like in the future? What are the needs of tomorrow's people in different regions of the world, how and what do they want to consume, and how can our clothing contribute to making our lifestyles more sustainable? To better understand all this, Bosideng invests continuously in innovation and founded the Global Innovation Institute, which is dedicated to the development and design of innovative products. Years ago, for example, Bosideng developed its first 100 percent recyclable jacket there

More sustainability through transformative product design

At Bosideng, however, the pursuit of sustainability is not limited to the material and the material composition of the product. Rather, it is also about the product design and how it is able to cover very different requirements and satisfy different needs. The Bosideng Composite Structure Camping Down Jacket has impressively demonstrated how design can be taken further for an outdoor jacket: With a transformative design and modular construction, Bosideng has created a unique product that is inadequately described by the term "jacket." In total, the garment can be transformed into eight different ways of wearing, allowing it to be adapted to a wide variety of situations. One garment instead of many is the motto here, and that saves resources. The material is also in line with the brand's sustainability concept: the fiber can be completely biodegraded and recycled. The unique concept was honored with the ISPO Award 2022.

The jacket can be worn in eight different variations.
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Bosideng / ISPO Collaborators Club

Product tests and consumer feedback with the ISPO Collaborators Club

But how can we find out whether the innovative design also passes the practical test? For this purpose, Bosideng equipped members of the ISPO Collaborators Club with the jacket in September 2022 and gathered feedback based on predefined parameters. The reactions were great: "We were able to test the new Bosideng jacket and are thrilled. In different weather and temperatures, we tried out a number of combinations. Everything works. All the parts can be quickly and easily combined with each other or look great individually. The jacket is very comfortable due to its width, even when sitting. We like it, wear it often and love it," is one overwhelming feedback. Almost all testers came to a similarly positive conclusion. They all liked the unique, stylish design, the well thought-out construction, the many possible uses and the good workmanship of the jacket. 

But also new ideas and suggestions for improvement were gained through the cooperation with the ISPO Collaborators Club, which Bosideng can incorporate into the further development of the jacket. In the future, Bosideng will continue to expand its collaboration with the ISPO Collaborators Club to gain more valuable feedback from specific target groups and markets, and to better manage the development of products and collections.

Successfully tested: A member of the ISPO Collaborators Club during product testing.
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Bosideng / ISPO Collaborators Club

Continuous investment in innovation

Bosideng was founded in 1976 and is one of the leading manufacturers of down jackets in China. Its success is based on the advanced technical and high quality of its jackets, which were warmer, lighter and more colorful than most down jackets on the domestic market. The high standards of design, performance and sustainability are embedded in Bosideng's DNA until today. Bosideng's craftsmanship and strategic focus on innovation has led to new fabric developments as well as numerous collaborations, including working with Gore-Tex, fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier to launch the co-branded series and helping China's scientific expedition team conquer the "three poles of the world" (South Pole, North Pole, Mount Everest).