These Ski Bindings and Inserts Make Ski Touring Safer and More Comfortable

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Every ski tour depends on the perfect route and the right equipment. In addition to a good set of skis, you need a good bindings to hold ski boots and skis together. Global market leader Dynafit is setting new standards here: These ski bindings and inserts not only make ski touring easier and more comfortable, but also safer.

Sicher und komfortabel unterwegs dank Dynafit-Pin-Bindung.
Safe and comfortable on the road thanks to Dynafit pin binding.

Pin bindings have long since become the standard in ski touring – easy handling and the low weight are their outstanding advantages. The days of frame bindings are over: More than 70 percent of the ski touring bindings sold are now pin bindings, and the trend is rising.

Easier Ascent Thanks to Pin Bindings

Tyrolean tinkerer Fritz Barthel developed the pin bindings in the 1980s. The basic idea was to reduce the weight, to make the ascent easier for the touring skier. The bridge, which has to be lifted with every step, was replaced by two lateral holes and a matching metal pin – and thus the patented Dynafit binding was born. This was the first time the ski boot was attached directly to the ski.

Fritz Barthel ist der Erfinder der Pin-Bindung.
Fritz Barthel is the inventor of the pin binding.
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The pivotal point is the so-called inserts, which fix the boot to the ski both at the tip of the boot and at the heel. This ensures an easier, safer, and more comfortable ascent and a more pleasant descent for ski tourers. It’s important that the ski boot, binding, and inserts are coordinated with each other and function as a unit.

Certified inserts used in more than 90 percent of all touring boots from renowned manufacturers function flawlessly, safely, and problem-free in the long term with Dynafit bindings.

Pin bindings: Optimal power transmission combined with Dynafit inserts

Especially in conjunction with Dynafit inserts, pin bindings are in no way inferior to frame bindings in terms of release behavior and can withstand downward forces of up to 350 kilograms.
This is how several Dynafit pin bindings have been TÜV-certified, fulfilling the strictest of safety guidelines in terms of exact release.

Thanks to the low standing height, the power transmission to the ski is much more direct with the Dynafit binding. This makes the ski more controllable and the ascent and descent more comfortable.

That means that if you’re looking for a pin binding with the highest degree of safety possible, you should keep an eye out for the use of certified Dynafit inserts (identifiable by the orange-colored seal on the sole) when buying touring boots and combine them with a Dynafit pin binding.

Schnellerer Einstieg in die Pin-Bindung
Faster access to the pin binding.
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New Inserts Bring Even More Comfort and Safety

Dynafit is continuously researching and developing the inserts to continuously improve the ski touring experience. Starting this winter, there will be three different insert versions at Dynafit: “Standard,” “Quick Step-In,” and “Master Step.” The first generation “Standard” offers safety and performance, applicable for different boot binding combinations.

As the name suggests, the “Quick Step-In” version places great importance on a quick, easy start. The newest version are the “Master Step” inserts. They score points with majorly improved entry comfort, thanks to the second notch that provides better guidance when climbing on.

Thanks to a modified production process, it was also possible to double the strength of the inserts in the boot. This makes the “Master Step” particularly suitable for the freeride sector, where maximum load capacity is required and the bindings are set up to the maximum value Z16.

Die drei Generationen der Inserts: (v.l.) Master Step, Quick Step-In, Standard
The three generations of inserts: (from left) Master Step, Quick Step-In, Standard
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The advantages of the pin binding (with matching shoe and certified original Dynafit insert) at a glance:

  • Low weight
  • High walking comfort thanks to convenient pivot point
  • Low standing height ensures direct power transmission to the ski
  • High level of safety thanks to intensive testing and continuous research
  • TÜV-tested release behavior
  • Entry comfort now comparable with frame bindings

With a Dynafit pin binding and the matching insert, nothing stands in the way of limitless skiing pleasure away from the slopes.

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