Anna Gasser bei ihrem Big-Air-Weltcup-Sieg in Mailand
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Olympic champion Anna Gasser: 7 facts about the snowboard star from Austria

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Snowboarder Anna Gasser is not only the world champion and Austria's sportswoman of the year in 2017 and 2018 - she's also a real social media star. At the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, she took the Olympic victory in big air after bad luck in slopestyle. Now she became the first woman to stand theCab Triple Underflip 1260.


Second Big Air Gold at the 2022 Olympics

Anna Gasser Olympics started Austria’s snowboard hope in Beijing, 2022. After only finishing 6th in Slopestyle, she won Big Air Gold in a nail-biting final. With this she directly followed up, because already at the last Winter Games 2018 in Pyeongchang she stood on top of the podium in the Big Air Contest. She was also at the top of the X-Games every year from 2017 to 2020 with four gold, one silver and one bronze. Gasser won the Freestyle World Cup twice (2016/17 and 20/21). After Anna Gasser Big Air World Cup went to Gasser twice (2016/17 and 2017/18), the crystal globe for winning the Slopestyle World Cup was then finally due in 2020/21.


Late entrant on the snowboard

Gasser is an exceptional talent. Curious though: Anna Gasser snowboard career started at the age of 18, after having done a lot of gymnastics as a young girl. "I was looking for a new passion and found the perfect one for me in snowboarding". At breakneck speed, she managed to learn extreme maximum difficulties. In November 2013, she became the first woman to stand the Cab Double Cork 900, a double backflip with two and a half turns on a snowboard. And that was just four years after she started snowboarding.


Anna Gasser and Olympia: Mishap 2014 - Gold 2018

At the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Anna Gasser became world famous through TV images when, after winning qualification in the slopestyle competition, she rolled out of the start house due to a misunderstanding with the start judge. She didn't win a medal then, but she won the hearts of the people. Four years later, she finally won gold in the big air contest, followed by another big air gold in Beijing in 2022.


Anna Gasser: Advertising face for global brands

With her successes, the Austrian is the advertising face of snowboard outfitter Burton, advertises for Audi, Technogym, Huawei, or Milka. Accordingly, Gasser is also the big earner of the snowboard scene with her six-figure income per year.


Austria's most successful athlete on Instagram

Anna Gasser Instagram counts over 485,000, making her the most successful Austrian on social media. Among active athletes, only soccer star David Alaba of Real Madrid (over 7 million followers) and mountain bike star Fabio Wimber (over 2 million followers) are bigger. "Of course, my social media presence is important to me. When it comes to photos and videos, I pay a lot of attention to quality. I'm certainly very selective there and think very carefully about what I want to show," Gasser said in an interview with


Anna Gasser: Who is her boyfriend?

Anna Gasser boyfriend Clemens Millauer is also all about snowboarding. The Austrian is also a professional snowboarder and Red Bull athlete and was also in the medal hunt at the 2022 Olympics, but had to leave early due to injury. How is life in the Gasser/Millauer household? "Very well and harmoniously. Family planning is not yet an issue. My friend Clemens has already become three-quarters Carinthian and naturalized," Gasser said in an interview with the "Woche".


"The Spark Within": One-hour documentary about Anna Gasser

In the fall of 2021, the one-hour documentary "Anna Gasser - The Spark Within" was released. In the film, Gasser gives new insights into her inner life during competitions, in training or off the powder. The film can be seen free of charge in full length on the Red Bull homepage.

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