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Campaigns that Make Sports More Feminine - For Ladies Only

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More visibility of women in sports - we think: There's way more to be done! Whether it's reporting on successful female athletes, participation in the sports business and corresponding leadership positions for women, or brands taking an even stronger female perspective. And by that we mean more innovation and inspiration than developing a ladies' sports shoe. It's about female needs, not just physical attributes. That's why we set out to find great examples that have made the sports world more feminine since the last International Women's Day.


Female Soccer Players Get Same Salary As Male Colleagues

First the British women, now the US women: Women's soccer is taking big steps towards fair pay for both men and women. From now on the US association pays women the same amount as men. Led by dazzling Megan Rapinoe, the women's soccer players won a settlement according to which the association must pay out 22 million U.S. dollars directly to the players - 2 million will end up in a fund. In the future, men and women will receive the same salary, and tournament bonuses, for example at World Cups, will also be equalized. However, this will then even give the women an advantage: because while the U.S. men have not yet achieved almost anything internationally, the women are already multiple Olympic and world champions. "This is such a monumental step forward in feeling valued and respected," said national player Alex Morgan.


Two Cheers for Body Positivity

"Breasts of all shapes and sizes deserve support and comfort tailored to them. That's why our new sports bra range includes 43 styles, so everyone can find the right sports bra for them." With these words, Adidas accompanies its recently launched campaign and the accompanying photo, which shows female bare breasts. Because when it comes to sports, everyone should feel free and be inspired by what their body can do, it continues. And that definitely includes a well-fitting sports bra - every female athlete knows that! Even if the photo evokes different reactions: we think it's insanely important to talk about body positivity. And hey, who already has the perfect (real) bust?


More Female Sports Campaigns

For decades, the sports business was a male domain. But with the change in society, the sports industry is also being vigorously shaken up. This is also because women represent an increasingly financially strong group of buyers. "The sports business - like many other industries - is experiencing increasing target group segmentation," says marketing expert Daniel Macaulay. Even governments are now decidedly targeting women, reports Macaulay, who brought back an example from the British Isles: the campaign "This Girl Can".

According to consulting firm Deloitte.women's sports will earn more than one billion US dollars worldwide in the coming years. While the value of the entire sports industry is estimated at nearly $500 billion, Deloitte nevertheless predicts that women's sports will see more monetization in the future.


Maternity Protection for Professional Female Soccer Players

Clearly, the motherland of soccer is a big step ahead here: In England, there is from the next season for Professional female soccer players an extended maternity leave. Women players will then be entitled to 14 weeks maternity leave with full pay and bonuses, after which they can still receive the statutory rate. Even before that, the English women's soccer had negotiated an approximation of their salaries to those of the men.


Brands Only for Women

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For some companies, the female target group is already moving more into focus: instead of integrating collections for women into their existing program, they are founding a new brand - such as the Oberalp Group (including Salewa, Dynafit, Wild Country, Evolv or Pomoca). LaMunt is the name of the new brand: sustainable and thought-out by women for women. The first collection is now in stores. The initiator of LaMunt is Ruth Oberrauch. She has been working in the family business of her father, Heiner Oberrauch, since 2010. That's why it's also her perspective on mountain sports that flows into the new Oberalp brand: Function is important, she says, but a certain finesse and aesthetics must be just as important. "I often missed the female interpretation," says Oberrauch. LaMunt now does that differently.


Associations Focus on Women

Showing attitude, strengthening public perception, bringing the community together and inspiring enthusiasm for the topic. That is the central concern of an online campaign of the German Football Association (DFB), which was launched in May 2021. Behind the title "Soccer, the (feminine)" stands for the idea that much of what makes soccer soccer is feminine: The technique, the enthusiasm, the community, the tactics - these are feminine terms. The dictionary, however, locates soccer, the, masculine - with this assignment is played in the context of the campaign.



Women Power on the Mountain

The "100% Women Peak Challenge" aimed to have all-women rope teams climb the 48 highest peaks in the Swiss Alps. It ran from March 8 to September 8, 2021, with more than 700 female climbers from 20 countries climbing all 48 of Switzerland's four-thousand-meter peaks. Partners of this challenge initiated by Switzerland Tourism were the Swiss Alpine Club SAC, the Swiss Mountain Guides Association and the Swiss outdoor brand Mammut. Die deutsche Outdoor-Sportlerin Caja Schöpf beispielsweise bestieg zwei Viertausender: die Jungfrau und den Mönch. She was also an ambassador for the Challenge, and wants to motivate other women with her commitment.