Women power at Salomon

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According to recent surveys by Salomon, 52 percent of the world's outdoor athletes are women. It is therefore only logical that the expertise of female designers, athletes and developers also plays a significant role in the development process of women-specific products.

Auf dem Berg mit Salomon Women Outdoor Wear.
On the mountain with Salomon Women Outdoor Wear.

A look at the Annecy Design Center (ADC) shows that Salomon attaches great importance to this philosophy. From concept creation and design to product management and marketing, at least 15 women are involved in the launch of a new outdoor line.

Here, experts in biomechanics, fit, materials and product practice are in lively exchange and always keep an eye on the latest developments in outdoor sports. All of the women involved in the product development process are also active hikers, climbers, runners or mountain bikers themselves.

New collection aims to put an end to old clichés

The result of this women-specific design concept is reflected in the current Salomon Women products. From multi-functional outdoor clothing and footwear to versatile equipment for traveling, female outdoor enthusiasts will find tailor-made products for every area of use. The women who use Salomon Outdoor's multisport products are just as versatile as they are.

With its current collection, Salomon is therefore deliberately addressing female outdoor sports enthusiasts who want to put an end to old clichés. To this end, a social media photo contest was launched in the spring under the hashtag #SalomonWMN. Users were asked to post photos of their outdoor activities in which they break with the common image of women or present it in an ironic way. An online vote decided on the ten best pictures and the winners were rewarded with a participation in a unique Salomon WMN Camp in Montenegro.

Unique atmosphere and inspiring encounters

In June, 30 female athletes, ambassadors and competition winners from 15 different countries met in Montenegro to spend an active time together in nature among like-minded people. The program included various mountain and water sports activities such as rafting and canyoning, where participants were able to exchange ideas with Salomon's female athletes and brand ambassadors such as Liv Sansoz and Kalen Thorien.


Interview with personal trainer Ramona Arendt

Munich-based personal trainer Ramona Arendt also attended the Women Camp in Montenegro as a Salomon brand ambassador. We wanted to learn more about her personal impressions of the eventful week in Montenegro and asked her a few questions.

Which application to the Women Camp Montenegro did you particularly like?
For me personally, the application photo of the lady climbing up a ladder with her toddler in the back carrier was the highlight. This photo was a direct eye-catcher at the first moment. On site we learned that she has three children. One of them with Down syndrome. I would never have thought that she still finds time for her outdoor activities. You can see that people you don't know are quickly pigeonholed just because they don't meet your visual standards and you don't know what a great personality they have.

Ramona Arendt beim Salomon WMN Camp in Montenegro.
Ramona Arendt at the Salomon WMN Camp in Montenegro.
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"Women have good intuition and are much more sensitive"

What was special for you about the Women Camp in Montenegro?
Of course, it was special that only women participated. Two months earlier I had organized a women's event myself and the energy was magical. 30 different women from different nations, all sharing one passion: the love of sports and being close to nature.

How did you feel about the mix of Salomon athletes and female hobbyists?
It felt like every participant was also an athlete in her own way, because through closer conversations I realized that we all have our challenges to overcome every day. Seeing that the professionals feel the same way gives relief and encouragement.

Why do you think women should also develop women's products?
Women have good intuition and are much more sensitive. It should be practical in the sports sector, of course, but we women also want to feel good. Finding the right mix here is much easier for women. A man can't understand that.

Eines von 10 Gewinnerbildern des #SalomonWMN Fotocontests.
One of 10 winning images of the #SalomonWMN photo contest.
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Focus on good quality and comfort

When you buy sporting goods, do you make sure that they are women-specific products?
By now, yes. In the past, I was less concerned with how I looked when I played sports. Now that I've turned my passion into a career, I want to bring my femininity to the outside world, and women-specific products are of course very supportive. It's not just the cut that is perfectly tailored to us women and the better fit that play a role here. These products also offer a noticeable functional improvement.

What are the most important criteria for you when buying sporting goods?
It should be good quality and comfortable to wear. Every pair of pants is subjected to the deep-squat test. If they fit perfectly even in the deep squat, I'm convinced. Because constant fidgeting, pulling up and slipping is simply annoying.

What outdoor adventure is next on your agenda?
My next adventure is still open. My goal is the Transalpine Run 2020. In August I will go camping and hiking in the Allgäu and I want to swim the Eibsee. Oh yes, that reminds me of a bike from Munich to Walchensee, quickly to the Jochberg and back again I would also be a good idea.


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