Current job vacancies at Adidas

Career: Jobs at Adidas

“Shape the future of sports. Apply now.” That’s how sporting goods manufacturer Adidas solicits interested applicants on its homepage. At the same time, there’s this promise: “At Adidas group, every job is a creative job.”
The chances for a creative job are actually quite favorable. Adidas has been established in the sports market for decades, is highly innovative and by far the largest sporting goods manufacturer in Germany. The Herzogenaurach-based company grosses about 14.5 billion euros a year. Worldwide, this equates to Rank 2, behind US giant Nike. Next to Adidas in the group are strong brands like Reebok and TaylorMade. The list of advertisers reads like a who’s who of athletic success: Lionel Messi and David Beckham, Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller, Andrea Petkovic and Derrick Rose – they and many others are all on the road as brand ambassadors for the company.

Creative jobs at the global player Adidas

Creative jobs? There are more than 55,000 of them at Adidas. Developing, researching, producing, and marketing worldwide, almost 400 offices are scattered across the globe. Accordingly broad is the spectrum of sought-after professionals: engineers and designers, advertising pros, marketing experts, and sports-loving project managers. Those who bring the right qualifications can throw their hats into the ring as applicants. Reconciling one’s personal opportunities, career, and favorite hobby is favorable at Adidas and can be even further improved: with excellent language skills, an open mind, and team spirit – and above all, with a genuine passion for sports.

Adidas, tradition of progress 

“Sports give us the power to change lives and ensure long-term positive social changes,” says long-time Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer, and stands best as part of the Dassler family tradition. Ultimately, it started as early as Adidas founder “Adi” Dassler experimenting in his mother’s wash kitchen on how to exactly the right shoe to make each athlete that little bit better. That was almost 100 years ago now, and the list of milestones is long. One need only recall the “Miracle of Bern” which those in Herzogenaurach did indeed find wonderful, but probably not that surprising. After all, the screw-in studs that gave the players their hold on the slick turf at the World Cup final in 1954 against Hungary were even developed there. 3:2 for the team under coach Sepp Herberger in Switzerland and the one under Adi Dassler in Middle Franconia.

Adidas as a top employer

As a job engine of the sports industry, Adidas hasn’t just made a quantitative name for itself. Yet again, the Herzogenaurach-based company was awarded as 2016’s top employer in Germany by the magazine Focus. In addition to statistical data, the voices of surveyed employees also entered into the rating, something that made the CEO all the happier. Heiner explained, “It shows us that our culture, the passion for sports, and our brands around the globe are unique. It’s our goal to create the best working environment, also in order to win over talent from around the world.”
Interesting jobs for talent from all over the world: Maybe you’ll soon be one them, too?