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How supply chain innovation regenerates climate, biodiversity & people

  • Monday, June 13, 2022
    15:30 - 16:30
    Add to Calendar2022-06-13 15:30:002022-06-13 16:30:00Wie Innovationen in der Lieferkette das Klima, die biologische Vielfalt und die Menschen regenerierenSocializing & Catering Area - Forest & River TentIspo.comEurope/Berlinpublic
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    MOC, Socializing & Catering Area - Forest & River Tent
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Moderator: Fritz Lietsch, publisher, forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften, Germany’s leading regenerative business magazine and pioneer of green business platforms and innovation approaches that since decades informs and inspires corporate and public sector transformation.

Jonah Wittkamper, founder, Amazon Global Investor Coalition introduces his whole system approach for the Amazon region whose degeneration or regeneration is of central importance for Earth's future. In close collaboration with local partners, this global coalition of investors, non-profit funders, producers and buyers establishes economic alternatives to support indigenous and poor working class Brasilians to live in economically sustainable harmony with nature and each other.

Hunter Lovins, CEO of Natural Capitalism Solutions, Club of Rome member and Regenerative Value Creation experts shares data and examples of how companies around the world are creating business success based on their commitment to renewable energy and carbon neutrality, respecting biodiversity and cultural diversity, regenerative agriculture, sustainable production and distributions technologies - demonstrating the emergence of a new economical mainstream.

Peter Renner, Board Chair of the Foundation for Development and Climate explains how members of his 400 company international business alliance are struggling to deal with the current energy supply conditions that partially contradict and partially support the shift towards climate positive policies without a balanced climate can’t support a prosperous economies and societies.

Gabriele Renner, founder CEO of Pervormance is an example of a deeply committed entrepreneur creating an innovative technology company that implements a pragmatic solution to energy use and related climate challenges: Leaving her high income job she created ‘wearable air conditioning’ that cools down people as well as products individually rather than needing to air condition entire spaces.