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How to integrate business success with regenerating people, societies and nature

  • Monday, June 13, 2022
    10:30 - 11:30
    Add to Calendar2022-06-13 10:30:002022-06-13 11:30:00Wie lässt sich wirtschaftlicher Erfolg mit der Regeneration von Mensch, Gesellschaft und Natur verbinden?Socializing & Catering Area - Forest & River TentIspo.comEurope/Berlinpublic
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    MOC, Socializing & Catering Area - Forest & River Tent
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Moderator Walter Link, CEO of NOW Partners: After having framed Regenerative Value Creation and the ISPO Group’s new conference and innovation approach, see above, Walter introduces the dialog guests and moderates their interactive dialog in this lively conference format.

Kris Tompkins, Patagonia’s and North Face’s pioneering co-leader sends a short video message with her thought provoking greetings about Regenerative Value Creation, the key to her companies’ business success and positive impact, and the DNA for a future fit economic mainstream that regenerates rather than degenerates Earth.

Antje von Dewitz, VAUDE’s co-owner and CEO whose growing business success is also based on Regenerative Value Creation, explains in her opening statement how VAUDE’s growing success is based on innovation in diverse business functions ranging from key issues in her supply and value chain management to how she helps to inspire and inform the public discourse and economic policy frameworks to co-create conditions that move the economic mainstream towards regeneration. (15min).

Hunter Lovins: co-author of Natural Capitalism and 15 other books and advises businesses and the governments on how to integrate business success with regeneration, offers more data and examples from diverse industries. She also explains how regeneration, sustainability, ESG, circularity, B Corp, cleantech and other new approaches are mutually reinforcing aspects of a joint economic innovation movement.

Merijn Dols, Danone’s Global Head of Open Innovation who constantly interacts with some of the world’s most innovative leaders and companies, shares further data and examples of Regenerative Value Creation innovation across diverse industries. He will also explain how new mindsets and corporate cultures support these kinds of breakthrough discoveries and implementations.

Robert Metzke, Philips’ Global Head of ESG and Chief of Staff of its overall innovation teams comments via Zoom on Regenerative Value Creation from the perspective of a global high tech corporation that is a widely recognized leaders of ESG integration into Healthcare with the ambition to positively impact 3 billion people, including many that are currently excluded from institutional healthcare.