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How Finance, Banking and Mergers & Acquisitions are demanding ESG performance

  • Tuesday, June 14, 2022
    10:00 - 11:00
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    MOC, Socializing & Catering Area - Forest & River Tent
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Moderator Walter Link, CEO of NOW Partners: As part a co-founder of the first sustainable business alliances across Europe and the America, Walter helped to develop impact investing, micro finance and culture transformation processes to make Mergers & Acquisitions successful. He also co-owned a now 140-year old Euro-Asian-US industrial group.

Georg Schuermann, CEO, Triodos Bank, Germany co-leads Europe premiere sustainability bank that helped to pioneer regeneration-oriented finance and impact investing, also in the Global South. Georg shares the latest developments in banking and investment as well as the public sector and stock exchange regulations that increasingly demand alignment with Regenerative Value Creation practices.

Dr. Andreas Wagner, a corporate finance leader at UniCredit Bank, offers a large bank perspective on the demands that companies around the world are facing as they want to participate in rapidly transforming financial environments to obtain loans, launch bonds and be included in investment portfolios.

Tom Cummings, a business professor and corporate board advisor was a leader at ABM AMRO and Rabo Bank and helped Triodos and over 70 other finance institutions from around the world to co-create the Global Alliance of Banking on Values, which demonstrates how serving the regeneration of people, societies and nature can lead to outperforming the mainstream banking sector.

Felix Mutter, Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Sport Business Group will address their extensive research about Merger & Acquisition trends in this and other industries and how ESG performance is not only becoming a major due diligence aspect and risk factor but also an increasingly important factor in Mergers & Acquisition decisions and valuations.