ADVENTURE TOUR: MAGNETIC- A true cinema adventure

ISPO and Sportscheck present the movie premiere of the new and breathtaking ”Nuit de la Glisse” outdoor movie MAGNETIC in Munich's most beautiful cinema theater. Impressive nature shots embedded in eight sports adventures and provided with the brilliant handwriting of extreme sports director Thierry Donard, the inventor of outdoor film. You can expect never before seen shots of Nazare monster waves, where alongside Maya Gabeira's recorded world record "behind" the 25-meter high "water scenes" was seen to show the high-risk life of the "life savers"& on jet skis. The incredibly steep "L'Amone" in the high Alps is too dangerous, in winter it is impassable and impassable ... with MAGNETIC these words are history. Speedflyer, BMX, MTB, Surf, SUP, Snowboard - pure adrenalin with eight stories in one night. Background information on the filming is available to all movie guests from our "Adventure Tour" team on top. Director Thierry Donard and the sport cast will be present.