Test Hollywood's Hottest Workout!

  • Friday, February 08, 2019
    00:00 - 23:59
    Add to Calendar 2019-02-08 00:00:00 2019-02-08 23:59:00 Studio Lagree: Kostenlose Probestunde Menzinger Str. 14a, 80638 München Ispo.com Europe/Berlin public
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    Metropolitan Region Munich, Studio Lagree, Menzinger Str. 14a, 80638 München
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This is the method and machine that has transformed Hollywood’s hottest bodies!
Effectively combining core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility training in every move, The Lagree Fitness Method delivers results, fast. The no impact program features targeted exercises performed at a slow and controlled pace, activating slow twitch muscle fibres to build the long lean physique that has made the workout famous.The combination of working muscles to failure and eliminating rest periods makes for a workout regimen that burns a maximum number of calories in a minimal amount of time, and most efficiently develops muscle tone and strength. Best of all, the effective intensity can always be adapted, preventing clients from ever reaching a training plateau.With Sebastien Lagree's ground breaking invention, The Megaformer™, a system of resistance and counter resistance is used to place muscles under constant tension and work them to failure point, a key to the method’s delivery of swift results. The machine features various handles, straps and accessories. The Megaformer™ and The Lagree Fitness Method provide a dynamic platform for our instructors to continuously create new and unique workout experiences, constantly evolving and challenging our clients in new ways.

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