Sports Business/12/12/2018

Spain's Afydad: Sport Trade Faces Major Challenges

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The Spanish sports trade association Afydad celebrates its 50th birthday. At a ceremony in Barcelona he looks into a future of change. The association is facing great challenges. It therefore intends to cooperate more closely with other industry associations.

Auch ein ISPO-Team gratulierte dem Afydad.
An ISPO team also congratulated Afydad.

The Spanish sports and trade association Afydad celebrated its 50th birthday last week. The association in Barcelona looked ahead above all. It, like the entire sports sector, is facing challenges, as the former presidents who attended the celebrations explained.

Due to the digital change, the industry association is facing major changes - up to the fourth industrial revolution. The current President Andrés de la Dehesa concluded his speech by calling on the sports sector "to work with the mentality of permanent change" and reaffirmed that "we must change our mentality. Because if we don't, we will hardly be able to face the future that lies ahead with guarantees of success."

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Cooperation With Nutrition, Health and Tourism

One of Afydad's projects in the coming years is therefore to combine the forces of sport with other areas such as nutrition, health and tourism. In February 2019 Afydad will exhibit at ISPO Munich with a group of Spanish companies.

The professional non-profit organisation also belongs to the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) and focuses on all sports companies in Spain. This includes manufacturers, dealers and wholesalers who deal with equipment and clothing.

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