Sports Business/09/28/2020

Ryan Gellert Appointed New CEO of Patagonia

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The new CEO of Patagonia is Ryan Gellert. This has now been officially announced by the Californian company. Gellert was previously EMEA General Manager. He succeeds Rose Marcario, who resigned this summer.

Patagonia CEO Ryan Gellert
Der neue Patagonia-CEO Ryan Gellert

Ryan Gellert is closely associated with the sports and outdoor industry. Gellert held his position at European level for six years. Here he elevated Patagonia to a leading position in Europe’s outdoor industry and environmental communities, wrote Patagonia in a press release. 

Prior to joining Patagonia, Gellert worked for Black Diamond, including as Brand President. At Patagonia, Gellert is CEO of the parent company Patagonia Works and Patagonia, Inc.

The outdoors specialist introduced two new executive roles. Jenna Johnson will be responsible for Patagonia's apparel and equipment business. Furthermore, Lisa Williams will be head of innovation, design and merchandising. 

Recently, Patagonia made the headlines with an aggressive advertising campaign.

As an avid climber and backcountry snowboarder, Gellert is also involved in several environmental and outdoor initiatives, having served on the boards of Protect Our Winters, the European Outdoor Group, the Access Fund and the Soil Heroes Foundation.

Predecessor Rose Marcario had led the company through its most successful period to date for twelve years. The separation had been planned for some time.

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