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Sustainability Initiative Protect Our Winters (POW) Bundles Forces in Europe

POW Founder Jeremy Jones: "We Are up to POW Europe"

Jeremy Jones, freeride legend and founder of Jones Snowboards, announces at ISPO Munich a new three-year plan for the central management of all activities of his non-profit environmental initiative Protect Our Winters (POW) in Europe.

Jeremy Jones auf der ISPO Munich 2020
POW founder Jeremy Jones at the ISPO Munich 2020.

A New Voice for the Climate Movement

"We are up to POW Europe", announced Jeremy Jones, founder of Jones Snowboards and the non-profit environmental initiative Protect Our Winters (POW), visibly proud of the Sustainability Hub of ISPO Munich. Only a few moments earlier, the freeride legend had published an ambitious three-year plan for the measures planned for the future together with representatives of the individual POW chapters in Europe.

The aim is to give the European climate movement a new voice. In future, the newly founded network aims to coordinate the individual activities of the single country representations in Europe even better and to control all activities from the central headquarters in Innsbruck.

Speaking Together for Climate Protection

POW Europe sees itself as a new network that aims to promote EU-wide political measures and investments in sustainable solutions for achieving global climate protection targets. It is made up of a total of eight national "POW Chapters", including Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The aim is to translate the local strengths of the individual offshoots of the POW initiative into coherent, effective and EU-wide climate protection measures. This is not only to strengthen each Section as such in its work and to support its national campaigns. POW Europe also sees itself as a central, specialist and coordinated contact point for all European partners.

"POW Europe wants to provide a broad-based introduction to the climate movement for millions of adventure sports enthusiasts who are enthusiastic about climate protection but do not want to join the traditional environmental organizations," says Jones.

Ambitious Three-Year Plan for Climate Protection

At ISPO Munich 2020, Jeremy Jones presented an ambitious three-year plan for POW Europe. It defines various goals to be achieved at political and social level by 2023. This includes, among other things, the development of solutions for mobility that is as low-carbon as possible and a general cultural change to make the use of sustainable means of transport "cool" again.

Politically, the main aim is to push through a fair CO2 price, an end to subsidies for fossil fuels and an acceleration of investment in the expansion of low-CO2 means of transport. But the outdoor industry itself is also being called upon to meet its obligations in this respect, for example in terms of achieving CO2-neutral production targets.

POW Panel with Jeremy Jones at ISPO Munich 2020
Jeremy Jones at the Sustainability Hub of ISPO Munich.

POW - Using Local Roots to Create a Global Impact

The POW Initiative was launched in 2007 by Jeremy Jones to inspire, connect and empower as many outdoor enthusiasts in society as possible to work together to achieve effective climate protection. To achieve this, POW relies not only on the voice of well-known athletes worldwide, but also on cooperation with various outdoor brands and holiday destinations.

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