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Series: These Sports Fashion Brands Are New at ISPO Munich

Post Card is Back: "The Real Revolution of Our Times is the Digital One"

Francesca Lusini, President of Post Card, talks with about the brand's focus, sustainability as well as "the greatest revolution of our times". She also tells, why the brand returns to ISPO Munich in 2020.

Francesca Lusini, President von Post Card.
Francesca Lusini, President of Post Card.

Exclusive fashion, sports and ski clothing for women and men, that is how the Tuscan brand Post Card describes its products online. Post Card belongs to G&P net Holding, like the brands Peuterey, Geospirit and Dekker.

President Francesca Lusini speaks with about Post Card, its focus and the brands origin, challenges in the sport- and fashion industry and she announces, how the topic sustainability benefits from the digital change. She also explains what she thinks ISPO Munich is getting out of digitalization.

"Only the Faithful Will Succeed" Thinking of your brand, what are the first three words that come to your mind and describe your brand best? Why did you choose these three words?
Francesca Lusini: Iconic, Evocative, Performing. Post Card was born in 1982 as a luxury sportswear brand. It all began with a postcard sent by two lovers to their friends, while the couple was on holiday in Saint Moritz. "We are happy, we are fine" was the message. In line with the times and in line with the charm of those places. The collections, evolving over time, have always respected this statement. Precious fabrics, sophisticated lines, refined elegance, and at the same time high tech and contemporary performance.

What is your focus for the upcoming season?
The focus and the most important challenge is to maintain and strengthen the heritage and status of the brand. At the same time, another crucial topic is to be in line with times, with the evolution of market and generations. Only those who remain faithful to themselves, to their values, to their DNA, without any compromises can succeed in long term plans. At the same time, the world is evolving so fast, from all points of view, that it is essential to keep up with the best parts of these new times, values, and needs.

Revolution Instead of Evolution

The sports and fashion market is wide and constantly changing. Digitisation, the changing demands of target groups and sustainability are in everybody’s mind. Where do you see the biggest changes?
We prefer to address to this evolution as a revolution. The real great revolution of our times is the digital one, because mental and cultural changes it has produced are deeper than it is perceived. Brands like ours have to seize the best part of these new times, praising the good that this revolution has brought

  • the accessibility of information,
  • the ability to compare a potentially infinite number of offers
  • the possibility to communicate with the whole world with an unimaginable speed than before.

It is our duty to maintain the highest level of contents to communicate, which must continue to be craftsmanship and quality that have characterized our brand over the years.

In this perspective, the conveyance of the culture of sustainability by the digital community is one of the "best parts" of this revolution.

How Post Card Implements Sustainability

How is your brand facing these changes?
Our company and our brands have always had a strong ethic, since the birth of our first brand, Geospirit, in 1990, which made the "spirit of the earth" its brand essence. The respect for the environment is absolutely linked to entrepreneurial and business success becoming its cornerstone, also thanks to the digital revolution. Creating an increasingly sustainable product is an ethical and moral commitment to ourselves and to next generations.

How does your brand bring sustainability to life?
Making a sustainable product means having a strictly controlled supply chain: our suppliers are Italian or European, and all the raw materials we use are both OEKO certified (harmless in human and ecological terms) and ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals). The fact of producing exclusively in Italy and Europe, with total control of the process, guarantees to respect both the rules of environmental sustainability and the rules of social sustainability, in terms of working conditions and welfare, an equally important issue when it comes to sustainability.

Moreover, we are licensee of Teflon Eco Elite finish, the first renewably sourced, non-fluorinated fabric treatment for durable water repellency and manufactured with 60% renewably sourced raw materials that can be naturally regrown and replaced over time.

For the next season, we have also included a technical wool fabric (made with yarns in recycled fibres from wool and cashmere), which respects the 4sustainability protocol, the first Italian network structured for support brands and supply chain companies on a path to sustainability.

What are the main reasons for you to attend the ISPO Munich – what are your expectations?
ISPO is the perfect example of what we were talking about before: capturing the best part of the digital and technological evolution, without losing sight of contents and quality, which have always been the cornerstones of this beautiful fair.

Find Post Card at the ISPO Munich 2020 in hall B1, booth number 311

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