E-commerce matchmaking program

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The Chinese e-commerce market is one of the largest in the world. If you want to sell your products here, you need the right partners. With the e-commerce matchmaking program we will help you to find the right ones.

How matchmaking works
How can I participate?
The e-commerce companies of 2019
The selected department stores of 2019
The selected sports/outdoor retailer of 2019
The selected product manager and designer of 2019

Matchmaking Area at ISPO Beijing

The new e-commerce matchmaking program of ISPO Beijing is a B2B contact exchange of a very special kind. The idea behind it: ISPO exhibitors and visitors will be brought together directly with large Chinese e-commerce companies and department stores to explore a possible partnership. Don't miss this unique opportunity and meet the big players of the Chinese e-commerce market, such as JD.com, amazon or dangdang!

How matchmaking works

12 selected e-commerce companies and 15 selected department stores participate in the matchmaking program. In order to ensure that interested exhibitors find the right contact persons, ISPO receives information from the participating e-commerce companies on requirements for product groups and brand objectives in advance. The ISPO team summarizes this information and informs the exhibitors. They can now think at leisure about which e-commerce companies and department stores they want to meet. You don't have to worry about anything! The ISPO team arranges a personal meeting for you and can even arrange an interpreter if required.

How can I participate?

Participation in the e-commerce matchmaking program is free and possible for all ISPO exhibitors and visitors. Interested? Please contact us to get more details.

The selected e-commerce companies of 2019

alibaba group 1688
E-commerce supplier and offline supplier which is willing to actively expand the e-commerce market.

All products

Sports, outdoor related clothing, shoes,bags, accessories, equipment and other related brands.

Netease Kaola
Products or brands related to sports, outdoor, fitness supplies, fishing, yoga, swimming, cycling, ball games and so on. Well-known abroad brands and domestic brands (in the global ranking in top5) are required.

Senior outdoor brands, new brands, foreign brands, factories and stores. Clothing, equipment, electronics, skiing and other categories of merchants

amazon global selling
Brands which want to promote their cross-border e-commerce business

The selected department stores of 2019


Bailian Group

Super Brand Mall


New Hua Du Supercenter Co., Ltd.



Dashang Group

Beiguo-Renai Group

The Center

Changchun Ou Ya (Group) Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Friendship Store

SKP Beijing

Guangzhou Friendship Group Co., Ltd.


New Yansha Mall

Intime Retail

The selected sports/outdoor retailers of 2019

All products

Products related to running, fitness, outdoor, leisure, children, swimming, basketball, football, tennis, badminton, etc.


Outdoor sports accessories, incubators, outdoor clothing brands etc.

The selected product manager and designer of 2019

Outdoor sports fabric material supplier, technological solutions, marketing platform and cross boundary cooperation resources

Bestseller United China Ltd.-Jack & Jones / Selected
Nylon/polyester, nylon/cotton and functional material. Special attention includes recyclable, sustainable and environmentally friendly chemical fiber fabrics, recyclable and environmental friendly accessories, and reflective materials. Various latest cloth, blended fabrics, and new technologies.

Regatta Ltd-Dare2B
Dare 2b fabric development on water proof fabrics, non-waterproofs fabric for jackets/innovation new on garment items. Special lightweight but still really technical fabrics. Mid-layer fleece, fancy fleece, wool fleece for life style/powerstretch fabrics

Regatta Ltd-Regatta
Camping & equipments incl. tents, rucksacks, furniture, all outdoor accessories, cookware etc.

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