50 Years of Tomorrow

It's time to follow our purpose and unchain the world-changing power of sports and the outdoors.

Let's write a new chapter in sports and the outdoors together

More than ever before, our world is facing major economic, social and ecological challenges. For us, overcoming human and social inactivity is key to meeting these challenges. We are convinced that sports and the outdoors can be the driving forces of change to take action.

ISPO is here to accelerate the far-reaching force of sports and the outdoors.
Will you join the movement? 

„True collaboration is what we really need” – Ron Garan / Former NASA Astronaut

ISPO started its transformation with ISPO Munich 2020. Re-watch the press conference online. 

Klaus Dittrich / Chairman and CEO Messe München
Ron Garan / NASA astronaut and social entrepreneur
Mark Held / President at European Outdoor Group (EOG)
Video message: Prof. Muhammad Yunus / Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

50 Years of Tomorrow

Our anniversary motto "50 Years of Tomorrow" stands for our will to continue to shape the future. Creating a better tomorrow is our permanent ambition. For 50 and in 50 years.

Over the last 50 years, we successfully established 13 business solutions along the value chain in the sports business. Together they form a year-round global network of valuable connections. We are aware that this network entails two things – great responsibility and the capability to shoulder it. So, we are focusing on a new purpose. Through the world-changing power of sports and the outdoors we are collectively creating impact that matters. 

Me-We-Us - ISPO SDG Summit

Sports and outdoor activities already overcome boundaries, shape friendships and build communities. 

We want to utilize this momentum to give something back to our world. Together we are declaring war on passivity. To do this we are acting on three levels. These are:

  • the society in which we live in (WE)
  • people's individual way of life (ME)
  • the environment that surrounds us (US)

We need to fight for both physical and mental activity. It’s a fight that tackles the challenges our world is facing.

“I always felt amazed at the limitless power of sport. It is powerful because it is basic to human nature. Where there is power there is always a chance to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.”
Professor Muhammad Yunus / Nobel Peace Prize Laureate