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Including Sportswear Labels with Special Sizes

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"Body positivity" is now a household word for everyone. The demand for suitable sportswear in special sizes is huge. We went in search of labels that pick up this trend with their collections. However, we didn't have much choice...

Every body is a good body - and has the right to an active lifestyle! Nevertheless, a body ideal persistently prevails that is not very diverse and not very close to reality. Especially in the fitness industry. This is not motivating, quite the opposite: it marginalizes people and prevents them from participating in outdoor activities or sports. A simple indication is that people who don't fit the well-toned, thin, white ideal have trouble finding the right outfits on their own. Active wear for large, fat, non-binary, non-white, restricted or pregnant bodies are as scarce on the market as their representation in advertising campaigns and viral social media posts.

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That should change. Athletes and influencers have been fighting for this for years. Indeed, a change is noticeable. The industry has become more diverse and "body positivity" is now a household word. We went in search of labels that pick up on this trend with their collections, drive it and offer outdoor and fitness clothing that really fits everyone. To start with: we didn't have much choice. And yet the demand is high.


For Pregnant Women: Cycling Kit from Veloine

Sport and pregnancy are not mutually exclusive. Experts also agree that an active lifestyle is good and important for both woman and child. Nevertheless, pregnant women do not have it so easy when it comes to the right clothing. There is hardly any suitable clothing on the market. The founders of Veloine want to change that and have developed a complete cycling kit for pregnant women. Cycling clothing that grows with the woman during pregnancy, enabling her to continue cycling as long as her body and head allow. This also won them the ISPO Brandnew Award in 2019.


Active Wear in All Sizes from Girlfriend Collective

The Girlfriend Collective label has a mission: to revolutionize the sportswear industry with sustainable active wear. Stylish pieces for yoga, running, tennis and much more are available in sizes XXS to 6XL - suitable for every woman who feels like moving. The label also empowers with its campaigns and social media content, in which every woman can truly find herself.


Size Inclusive Yoga Wear from Beyond Yoga

The luxury brand Beyond Yoga from LA also expanded its size range in 2018 and now offers its famous yoga wear collections up to US size 4X - also for men. The reason for this is the feedback from the social media community and Beyond Yoga employees, who test the pieces extensively before each launch. The stylish active wear is also available for pregnant women. However, in Germany, parts of the range are only available through online retailers.


Adaptive Fashion from MOB Industries

Fashion without barriers, that is the eponymous credo of the activewear brand MOB Industries from Austria. In cooperation with young fashion labels and wheelchair users, the adaptive collections for people with disabilities are created. With a high style factor and great functionality, for example through the use of magnetic buttons that simplify dressing and undressing. In addition to great outdoor clothing and athleisure wear, there are also leg covers with cool prints.


Adaptive Sportswear by Tommy Hilfiger

The "Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive" collection for people with disabilities has finally been available in Europe since the beginning of 2020. Sweatpants, hoodies and travel kits are available in the famous Tommy Hilfiger design: sporty, classic, college look for adults and in the typical colors of dark blue, white and red. In the web store, presettings such as "prosthetic fits" or "clothing for sitting positions" can be made; most of the items in the Adaptive collection are suitable for wheelchair users thanks to Velcro fasteners. Let's hope that other major fashion players will follow suit.


Nike Sports Hijabs

In early 2018, Nike launched its first sports hijab and subsequently expanded its sports collection to include Victory Swim outfits. The swim tunics and headwear for women of faith are made of lightweight, high-tech material and are now available not only in neutral colors but also in many stylish designs.


Tall and Petite Collections from Adidas

The dress size 38 for women is tailored to a body with 168 centimeters height - an average value, but of course not everyone corresponds. Those who are particularly tall or smaller than most therefore often have problems with the fit. Too short sleeves and too long trouser legs are just the tip of the iceberg. Especially with sportswear, everything should fit properly. That's why Adidas has developed collections for taller and shorter people. The "Tall" and "Petite" pieces mirror a large part of the standard range, but are adapted to larger and smaller body measurements, respectively.

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