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Reasons Why You Should Wear Athleisure Wear

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For the fashion industry, "athleisure" is a magic word, the most important of recent years. And because the ingenious mix of sporty comfort and casual chic is also inspiring more and more non-athletes, athleisure has long since become a megatrend. Ten good reasons why:

Megatrend Athleisure Wear: 10 Reasons for Sportswear in Everyday Life

  1. Athleisure wear ensures a sporty appearance
  2. Fitness effect without sports
  3. The fashion trend makes you look chic and sexy
  4. Athleisure wear is available for every budget
  5. Exciting fabric and material combinations
  6. Athleisure is comfortable and practical
  7. Athleisure fashion is easy to combine
  8. Athleisure chic has also long since arrived in the office
  9. No more outfit struggles with the everyday fashion trend
  10. Athleisure wear fits in perfectly with the health megatrend

Athleisure Wear Ensures Sporty Appearance

What do Germans want most of all? Health! They want to be fit and agile, according to the results of a GfK survey. And they also want to show off this fitness. Athleisure wear - the editorial team has been following the trend for a long time - offers the chance to do just that. Because it's not just passionate gym-goers who cut a brilliant figure in it.


Fitness Effect Even without Sports

It sounds like a trick, but it's actually psychology: people who dress sportily also feel fitter. Researchers at Northwestern University in Evanston, USA, have proven this. Athleisure wear is therefore not only practical, stylish and sexy, it also ensures daily well-being.


Athleisure Wear Is Sexy, Chic & Hip

Athleisure is ultra-chic, because the creative minds of the fashion world have their fingers in the pie. Stella McCarthy, Alexander Wang, Beyoncè, Rihanna, Kanye West - they all design functional clothing in the Athleisure look, not infrequently on behalf of sporting goods giants like Nike, Adidas or Puma.


Athleisure Wear: Strong Image, Strong Look

The image is right, and Athleisure brands are available for every consumer group. The hand-polished calfskin sneakers for $1,000 may not be worn at the weight bench, but they are in the executive suite.


Good Fabrics & Good Quality

Athleisure is made of the stuff fashion dreams are made of - and it's not necessarily Lycra. Now people are experimenting with silk and cashmere. This makes for the perfect mix and means that sweatpants are not just sweatpants and look good on non-athletes.


Athleisure Wear Is Practical and Comfortable

Functional clothing is practical, durable and very comfortable to wear. Anyone who has looked enviously at the sporty outfits of their fellow fitness enthusiasts can now finally wear them themselves - without having to check in at the gym.


It’s a Match! Athleisure Wear Can Be Freely Combined

Sweatpants and high heels, classy blazer and yoga pants? Yes, that's how it's meant to be. Athleisure allows daring combinations. Conversely, this means that previous favorite pieces can be worn in new combinations. This saves money, especially since athleisure wear doesn't have to be expensive.


Sporty-Casual to Success

Opportunity instead of risk, because a sporty appearance is also rewarded in one's career. Researchers at the elite U.S. university Harvard, for example, report that a casual, sporty outfit is more likely to lead to professional success. Motto: Those who dare to be unconventional will also act boldly in other ways.


Always Dressed Appropriately with Athleisure Wear

The hype around Atheilsure Wear is definitely justified, because it is practical and saves time in everyday life. Many a changing problem of days gone by is a thing of the past. Maybe you can't go straight to the office after a hard workout, but definitely from kindergarten or a walk in the woods. The sneakers are guaranteed to do everything.


Fashion with Good Timing

It's also the timing that clinches it for Athleisure. A new awareness of health and the athletic outfit come together perfectly. So it could later be called: Athleisure? This is the time of the fitness and health wave in the 2010s, after all - just like petticoats and rock 'n roll in the 1950s.

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